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There’s no doubt about it, your Tahoe wedding venue is going to be whimsical. But the whimsicality doesn’t have to stop at the cobalt blue lake, aromatic pine trees, and golden beaches. From one-of-a-kind veils to personalized “something blues,” Etsy, an online marketplace used by creative entrepreneurs to sell their homemade goods, will make your Lake Tahoe wedding that much more exquisite.

Don’t give in to run-of-the-mill. Etsy is affordable, enjoyable, and reliable. The site offers thousands of lovingly-made items you and your guests will swoon over. There are bridal party gifts and wedding signs, cake-toppers and centerpieces, and everything else you could ever need to complete your special day. You can even customize, creating Tahoe-centric wedding additions, like bowties with the Sierra mountain range printed across them. Just an idea!

To whet your whistle and introduce you to the wonderful world of Etsy’s exhaustive wedding department, here are a few Etsy-like ideas that’ll take your Tahoe wedding to the next degree of stunning. The key here is to go for the natural look; that’s what Lake Tahoe weddings are about, after all.

Personalized Chocolate Coin Wedding Favor via Little Indie Studio

Personalized Chocolate Coin Wedding Favor via Little Indie Studio

Something Blue Wedding Dress Label via Fileusedetoiles

Something Blue Wedding Dress Label via Fileusedetoiles

Rustic Boutonniere via The Flower Patch

Rustic Boutonniere via The Flower Patch

Mr and Mrs Chair Signs via Cypress and Whim

Mr and Mrs Chair Signs via Cypress and Whim

Guest Book Alternative: Personalized Puzzle via Decent Craft

Guest Book Alternative: Personalized Puzzle via Decent Craft

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This may be surprising, but wedding gowns have only been traditionally white since Queen Victoria’s special day 160 years ago. Pre-then, brides wore all sorts of colors. Having chosen to have a unique Lake Tahoe wedding, why not wear a unique dress that speaks to the surroundings?

Instead of choosing the mermaid cut that looks as though it’s made of one seamless piece of lace, try dresses that incorporate crochet, embroidered flowers (that often call for pops of color), subtle sparkles and sequins, tiers (for added flounce), deep v-necks, feathers, raised hems (to show off shoes), choker necks, waist belts, and shimmery adornments. As per sleeves, there’s sheer, puffy, off-the-shoulder, cape, and the list goes on.

“Unique” when paired with “wedding dress” may raise dollar bill signs in your eyes, but special-looking dresses don’t have to be designer; rather, they can be more affordable, and they’re likely to be something you will wear again and again.

Here are 6 places you can find the indie dress that’ll speak volumes to your personality and your Tahoe wedding, and that’ll make your day feel that much more yours.

1. TOPSHOP Bride

2. J. Crew

3. ModCloth

Mary Costa Photography

Mary Costa Photography

4. BHLDN (pronounced beholden, and which is also the sister of Anthropologie)

5. Free People

6. Stone Fox Bride

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With its supple texture and bright orange color, mango hues are the perfect way to blend a bit of a tropical essence into your wedding decor. It’s also a great idea to think about ways to carry your inspiration into all the senses…including taste. Spruce up your cocktail hour with a mango infused signature cocktail, splash a burst of mango color into your decor with vibrant escort cards, or top your night off with a mango infused wedding cake!

Mango Wedding Inspiration with Tahoe Unveiled clockwise from top left: Lover.ly | Karen Wise Photography | Green Apple Photography | Lover.ly

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Wearing flowers is not just for the free-spirited brides anymore. Adorning your tresses with beautiful buds is the pinnacle of romance and the ultimate statement! Whether romantic, boho or modern a floral crown can be incorporated into your wedding style.  Choose a dainty halo of fresh blooms or high-quality silk flora to place atop your billowy mane, or tuck one or two into a slightly undone updo for a burst of freshness.

Tahoe Unveiled _ Floral Crowns clockwise from left:  Mango Studios via Ruffled Blog |  Judy Pak Photography via Style Me Pretty |  Half Orange Photography via Ruffled Blog | Photography by Caspix via Ruffled Blog


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15 Lake Tahoe Wedding Ideas


If you are planning a Lake Tahoe wedding, you have most definitely come to the right place! Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular destination wedding locations in the world and there are many reasons why. Lake Tahoe is mountainous and surrounded by beautiful lakes, trees, and breathtaking scenery. If you envision a destination wedding in the woods or in the mountains, Lake Tahoe is one incredible place to add to your list. Today we’re sharing a few of our favorite Lake Tahoe wedding ideas including invitations, outdoor games, decor, and more. Enjoy!

Lake Tahoe Wedding Ideas

1.  These Lake Tahoe wedding invitations from Wide Eyes Paper Co.


lake-tahoe-wedding-invitations-570x380 lake-tahoe-wedding-invitations-by-wideeyespaperco-570x491 lake-tahoe-wedding-invitations-by-wideeyespaperco-all-570x380

Check out our wedding invitation pinterest page for more ideas


2.  These laser cut, wooden save the dates from Bullfrog Laser Cut



3. These adorably elegant wedding survival kits from Jenna Lam Events.



4. These cute hangover kits for the wedding party from Finch and Fox.



5.  This sign is a perfect photo prop for your save the dates! By Heartcrafted Co.



6. These Tahoe heart canvas wedding welcome bags from Jenna Lam Events.



7. These incredible Lake Tahoe wedding programs from Wide Eyes Paper Co.



8. These Lake Tahoe wedding favor bags from Finch and Fox.



9. These bottle openers. Perfect as groomsmen gifts or wedding favors. By Iron Maid Art.



10. This corn hole game from colorado joe’s



11. This cute pillow from Eko Kreations. Sew a small ribbon to the side and use as your ring pillow. After the wedding, use as a throw pillow in your living room.

eko kreations


12. This Lake Tahoe guest book from Compass Rose Studio.



13. This cool 3D map art for decoration from Origin Artwork.



14. These cool custom water bottles for favors (or wedding party gifts). By Wide Eyes Paper Co.



15. These eco-friendly, hand embroidered napkins. Can be used as napkins at dinner and as favors. By Eko Kreations.


See also: our Lake Tahoe wedding pinterest board and our Lake Tahoe pinterest board

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Roses and peonies may be the most popular flowers for wedding centerpieces, but did you know that they pair well with exotic blooms such as protea and air plants? Whether you’re a seasoned florist, or a DIY bride, you can never run out of ideas for creative floral pairings.




Luckily, these 7 wedding centerpiece ideas, inspired by themed color palettes, will help you choose the perfect flowers and colors for your Lake Tahoe wedding. From stylish and feminine, to wild and rustic, we’ve included mood boards that feature the unique flowers that are included within each centerpiece so that you can easily recreate them. You’ll be sure to get inspired by these unique wedding centerpiece ideas and find a style that will suit the theme of your wedding!



This tablescape utilizes natural elements like geodes, quartz, and reclaimed wood, blending neutral colors with the soft pinks and greens of the centerpieces. These wedding centerpieces were designed by Arrangements Design and photographed by Katie McGihon. They consist of garden roses, protea, dusty miller, kangaroo paw, and air plants.

  • Protea – Protea, also known as sugarbushes, are tropical flowers that are native to South Africa. There are over 2000 species of these flowers, which are known for their large, dome-like center with surrounding spiky, colorful petals.
  • Kangaroo Paw – The fine hairs that surround kangaroo paw flowers give them their pollen-like appearance. These flowers are native to Africa, and they grow in a variety of colors including black, red, yellow, and orange.
  • Air Plants – Air plants are great for warm weather weddings because they can withstand heat and do not need to be kept in water. Because of this they can easily be placed around the centerpieces or be incorporated into table settings as well.


This beautiful whites and succulents centerpiece came together nicely to grace the tables of a gorgeous outdoor spring wedding. The wide-lipped vase allows the lush flowers to showcase their natural volume and texture, creating a cylindrical centerpiece that mimics the the shape of the most prominent flowers — dahlias, lisianthus, and roses.

The collaboration between photographer The Big Affair, event planner LVL Weddings, and floral designer Florals by Jenny really helped this wedding centerpiece compliment and enhance the clean tablescape. This centerpiece consists of English roses, succulents, dahlias, lisianthus, dusty miller, passion fruit vine, snow on the mountain, and eucalyptus.

  • English Roses – English roses, also known as David Austin roses, are famous for their pleasant fragrance, repeat flowering capability, and wide range of colors. Their flowers have a cupped shape and many petals. They grow best in hardiness zones 5 through 10.
  • Succulents – Succulents are available year-round, but are an especially good addition to warm weather weddings because they can stand heat well and won’t wilt. Their soft greens, blues, and greys are great accents to light-colored centerpieces like the one above.
  • Dahlias – Dahlias can be used to add texture to a bouquet because of their many small, rounded petals. These flowers bloom in mid-summer, and will continue to bloom into the fall until the weather gets cold.
  • Lisianthus – Lisianthus flowers are great for centerpieces because of their long lifespan as cut flowers — many can last in a vase for two to three weeks. Their loose, ruffled petals are a welcome contrast to more structured flowers like dahlias.
  • Dusty Miller – Dusty miller can grow year-round in hardiness zones 7-10. It produces yellow flowers during the summer, though people are often most interested in its lacey, silvery foliage, which is commonly used in bouquets and centerpieces.
  • Passion Fruit Vine – The passion fruit vine is a unique addition to the centerpiece above. It grows best in subtropical environments, and produces aromatic purple or yellow fruits. The vines grow quickly and should be guided along a fence or trestle.
  • Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus’ long stems and many leaves are a great way to add depth to your centerpiece. The trees grow quickly, and are hardy and adaptive. Most species are evergreen, making them a good filler for bouquets and centerpieces year-round.


This rustic wedding used the deep purple and pink centerpieces to play up the natural brown tones of the table and gold accents of the glassware. The vases in varying heights gave the table some variation, while still keeping a consistent aesthetic. Each centerpiece was designed with care by Marie Floral Stylist and photographed by Gaile Deoso of Wanderlust Creatives.

The centerpieces consist of carnations, spray roses, kale flower, eucalyptus, statice, veronicas, dianthus, and amaranthus.

  • Carnations – Carnations are great flowers for centerpieces because of their long life as cut flowers, usually two to three weeks, and their vast color assortment. Red and pink carnations symbolize love and admiration, making them fitting for a wedding.
  • Spray Roses – Spray roses usually have smaller blooms than typical roses, making them a good accent flower for centerpieces. Because they grow from small stems attached to one large stem, they’re often used for boutonnieres and corsages as well.
  • Kale Flower – Ornamental kale plants, which cannot be eaten, are grown for the vivid color of their ruffled leaves. For optimal color, they must be grown in cool weather and kept well watered. They grow best in spring or fall in hardiness zones 2-11.
  • Statice – Statice are used on both fresh and dried floral arrangements. They begin blooming in summer, and bloom into fall. Statice are relatively easy to grow because they are hardy plants that are drought tolerant and deer resistant.
  • Veronicas – Veronicas are known for their narrow, spiky shape. They have a long bloom time — six to eight weeks — and bloom throughout the summer. They’re also known as speedwell, and known for their vivid blues and purples.
  • Green Trick Dianthus – Green trick dianthus is a unique flower that has a fuzzy, globe-like appearance. It was bred in Japan, and is relatively new to the cut flower market, but works well in bouquets and centerpieces because of its long vase life.
  • Cascading Amaranthus – Amaranthus is known for its elegant appearance and vibrant color, which remains even when the plant is dried. It does best in warm weather and is drought tolerant.


This pink and white centerpiece adds a soft touch of color to the white tablescape. The low, wooden box allows the flowers to come to life, while subtly complementing the curly willow branches.

This beautiful wedding was put together by Couture Events. The centerpiece was arranged by Stephanie Grace Design and captured by One Love Photography. It consists of hydrangeas, roses, curly willow, and snow on the mountain.

  • Snow on the Mountain – Snow on the mountain is known for its showy leaves, which have white accents. The leaves are often used as fillers in centerpieces because of their unique appearance. This plant grows best in hardiness zones 3 through 9.
  • Curly Willow – Curly willow, or corkscrew willow, is known for its curling branches, which are available year-round. These trees grow best in hardiness zones 4 through 8, and produce beautiful buds in the spring.


This summer brights wedding centerpiece steals the show, adding a welcome pop of color to the white tablescape. Foster’s Flower Shop strategically incorporates pinks, oranges, yellows, greens, and purples, to beautifully showcase the colors of the season.

The centerpiece was perfectly captured by Tina Jay Photography, and is made up of hydrangea, garden roses, ginestra, anemone, ranunculus, tulips, clematis, and dahlia.

  • Ranunculus – Ranunculus are popular for their bright blooms and delicate, layered petals. They do best in hardiness zones 8 to 10, and bloom in the summer. They’re great for adding texture to a bouquet or centerpiece, though they only last about a week as cut flowers.
  • Tulips – Tulips are popular because of their unique shape and wide variety of colors, from bright reds and yellows to nearly black purples. They bloom from spring into early summer. Red tulips are great for weddings because they symbolize true love.
  • Clematis – The Jackman clematis is the most popular type in North America. The flowers grow on a vine and bloom in mid to late summer. These purple blossoms do best in hardiness zones 4 to 8, and can grow in full sun to partial shade.
  • Hydrangeas – Hydrangeas are great statement flowers because of their voluminous, round clusters of blooms. They bloom from summer into fall in shades of white, pink, purple, and blue. For some species, the color is determined by the pH of the soil.
  • Garden roses – There are two types of garden roses — Modern Garden Roses and Old Garden Roses. Modern Garden Roses are the most common. They bloom continuously and have a long vase life, making them good for centerpieces.
  • Ginestra – Ginestra are great accent flowers, because of their many tiny buds attached to a long stem. They are known for their strong, sweet fragrance and typically come in shades of pink, purple, yellow, and white.
  • Anemone – There are many species of anemone, which are also known as windflowers. The fall blooming varieties are taller with cup-shaped blossoms, while the spring blooming varieties grow lower to the ground. They grow in a variety of colors including pink, red, purple, and white.

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In honor of spring time and all the beauty it brings, today we’re sharing some wildflower inspired floral arrangements. A great accent to more traditional choices or a beautiful statement on their own, wildflowers are an easy way to add a unique touch to your wedding flower design and pay homage to your Lake Tahoe wedding.

wildflower wedding idea wildflower ceremony ideas wildflower wedding Eco_Friendly_Elopement_in_treehouse_025 Eco_Friendly_Elopement_in_treehouse_005 from top, left to right: wildflower bouquet from Heline Bekker Photography | flowers in vintage glass from Cedarwood Weddings | wildflower petals from Brit + Co |  flowers from Erich McVey Photography via Style Me Pretty | floral crown from Magnolia Rouge | wildflower centerpieces and bouquet from Heline Bekker Photography


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The bride and groom’s chairs can be an eye-catching decoration. We are loving everything from wooden signs to flowers and ivy. Some couples choose to go with formal decor and others decide on a more casual and fun look. You can easily make or order special order these decorations for your Lake Tahoe wedding. Here are some of our favorite signs for the new Mr. and Mrs.

Chairs 1
Kurt Boomer // Brides
Chairs 2
Deer Pearl Flowers // My Wedding
Chairs 3
Green Wedding Shoes // Mrs. to Be
Chairs 4
Woven // Nouba

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