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Since you’re only getting married once, be sure to capitalize on the special occasion. By this, we mean take photos galore. But don’t settle for the ordinary; instead, spice up your memorable snaps with fun (and mostly awww-inducing) spins.

Here are some “Just Married” photograph ideas that are 100% appropriate for a Lake Tahoe wedding. Be it taken on a chairlift or in a vintage wooden canoe, your friends and family will love seeing the announcement. Most of all, it’ll make for great wall art in your first home as newlyweds.

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Love Potion Signature Cocktail

What wedding would be complete without a signature cocktail? Today we are highlighting the “Love Potion”, perfect for this time of year or for any Halloween wedding. Scroll down for the recipe.


View More: http://lydia.pass.us/fallelegance

View More: http://lydia.pass.us/fallelegance




1 cup pomegranate juice
3 ounces strawberry vodka
3 ounces Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur
2 small chunks dry ice
2 strawberries cut into hearts, for garnish

1. In a cocktail shaker, combine the pomegranate juice, vodka, and Chambord. Shake to combine.
2. Place 1 chunk dry ice into the bottom of each glass (please use non-metal tongs for handling dry ice).
3. Pour the martini over piece of dry ice.
4. Garnish with skewered strawberry hearts if desired.
5. Wait 5-10 minutes for the dry ice to dissolve (and enjoy the fun show!) before drinking.
6. NOTE: DO NOT ingest the dry ice cubes. Wait until they have dissolved before sipping.


View More: http://lydia.pass.us/fallelegance
View More: http://lydia.pass.us/fallelegance View More: http://lydia.pass.us/fallelegance View More: http://lydia.pass.us/fallelegance


Wedding Vendors:
Photographer:  Lydia Photography | Event Planner: L Squared Affairs | Linens and Coverings: La Tavola Fine Linen | Event Venue: Miners Foundry Cultural Center | Design and Decor: Tin Roof Farmhouse

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Winter Wedding Inspiration for Lake Tahoe

Today’s winter themed, snow covered styled shoot gets us in the mood for the cold temperatures ahead. This shoot includes beautiful emerald green accents, snow-based decor pieces that capture the essence of the winter season. If you are a winter lover, we highly suggest opting for a winter wedding in Lake Tahoe.

StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0070_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0067_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0007_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0032_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0075_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0031_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0094_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0056_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0290_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0065_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0097_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0123_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0135_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0141_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0157_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0166_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0177_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0180_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0183_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0186_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0198_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0208_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0215_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0216_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0237_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0239_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0242_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0255_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0266_low StyledShoot_ErinJohnsonPhotography_0225_low

Wedding Vendors:
Photographer:  Erin Johnson Photography | Hair Stylist: Emily J Hair Makeup | Equipment Rentals: On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals | Culinary: Patisserie 46 | Invitation Designer: Rosann Konieczny Calligrapher | Event Venue: Settlement Hill Farm | Event Designer: whimsy designs

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I went to a wedding a few months ago where the bride asked her grandmother to be her flower girl. I’ll give you a moment to fishing awww-ing.

The grandmother wore a lilac dress and large sun hat, and she so proudly scattered the rose petals as she walked down the aisle, beaming. The congregation loved it, and her performance was irrefutably a highlight of the day, and a gesture her granddaughter will never forget.

This got me thinking about unique flower girl ideas, and how minor changes can make the world of difference. I researched outside-the-box things your flower girl can do, and here’s what I found. Try one, or something similar, at your Lake Tahoe wedding. It’ll give your guests just one more thing to swoon over.

Use a Grandparent, or TWO!

Swap Petals for Balloons

Swap Petals for Bubbles!

Spice Up their Outfits

Let them Team Up

Make her Teeny Tiny

Let her Dance!

Let her Walk your Dog

Put ’em in a Wagon

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You could opt for pinks and creams and roses and all the other classical wedding elements, but when your marriage is being held in one of world’s greatest wonders–Lake Tahoe–why stop at ordinary?

With all the wilderness and beaches, Lake Tahoe can’t help but be associated with camping. Just the smell of the area itself immediately makes visitors yearn to camp. Roll your car windows down upon arrival in Tahoe and you’ll instantly inhale what smells like burning wood, irrefutably one of the best scents on earth.

In turn, we think there’s no better theme for your Lake Tahoe wedding than “campout.” And what guest to your Tahoe venue wouldn’t love s’mores and tents and campfires? A campout Lake Tahoe wedding would go down in history as one of the best, if not the best, wedding your friends and family will have attended.

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Instead of wearing a wedding band, my friend has a tattoo in the shape of a ring. Why? For one, his work is extremely physical and a band could  be hazardous, and two, he says he’ll never lose it. Plus, a tattoo is quite a bit cheaper than your traditional piece of metal. But would you go straight from your Lake Tahoe wedding venue to the tattoo parlor to get inked?

If you’ve yet to be convinced by the equation, “ink + marriage = forever,” we’ve gathered some inspirational photos that may convince you to join the inking bandwagon. It seems even Beyonce and Jay Z got matching tattoos after their marriage in 2008. If they did it, why not you?

To go along with your wedding-in-Lake-Tahoe theme, perhaps one of you could get the lake while the other gets the sky (Lake Tahoe is “Lake of the Sky,” after all), or one could get a pine cone while the other gets a pine tree. Just throwing out ideas!

“Hugs ‘n kisses for life”

“Because your lives revolve around each other like the sun and moon”

“When one cannot be without the other”

“The molecule of serotonin, because you make each other happy”

“The Key to my heart”

“The joint heart”

“Each other’s King and Queen”

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To go along with the rustic Tahoe wedding theme, here’s one suggestion: opt for mismatched chairs.

Mismatched chairs are sometimes thought of as shambolic, but what people truly mean when they’re commenting as such is that they’re charming. There’s just no alternative. Vintage chairs are, after all, a symbol of lasting love; they’ve been passed on from generation to generation, and, like marriage, they’ve stood the test of time.

Filling your ceremony with vintage chairs that don’t match adds so much dimension and intrigue. What’s more, they create an intimate, cozy, homemade feel, and who doesn’t appreciate that. We’re all about the warm fuzzies.

To inspire you on how to decorate your wedding with mismatched chairs, we’ve collected some of our favorite inspirational photos. Your Lake Tahoe wedding is about to be taken to the next level.

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Just when you thought nothing could be as cool as Lake Tahoe, literally and figuratively, patterned groomswear happened.

Let your husband-to-be have some fun with his wedding day attire by swapping solid ties and shirts for something patterned. We’re talking flowers, stripes, polka dots, paisley, the whole kit and caboodle.

Patterned groomswear not only spices the ceremony up, it also adds to pictures, pictures you’ll have on show for life. No wall or mantlepiece doesn’t love a little extra color.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some of our favorite cases of patterned groomswear. Feast your eyes!

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