Elevate your Wedding with a 360 Photo Booth

If you’re in search of a photo booth that will WOW you and your wedding guests, look no further than a 360 photo booth

360 photo booths are the most premium and trendy photo booth option in 2024 since they offer a unique, unrivaled photo booth experience. Basically, these photo booths will have everyone talking about your wedding for years to come.

360 photo booths aren’t technically photo booths. These booths have high-quality cameras that record a 360 degree slow motion video instead of taking a still photo like an open-air photo booth.

The 360 photo booth has a platform with an arm that moves around the entire platform seamlessly and automatically. This means capturing all of your best angles and no more blurry videos. Bonus: you can make sure the camera always gets your good side!

The stars of the video will stand on the platform and strike as many poses as they’d like until the video is done recording. A high-quality camera is attached to the arm and revolves around the platform to film a 360 degree video in slow motion. These videos are instantly shared through email or social media so you and your guests can cherish these memories during and long after your event.

Unlike a traditional photo booth, the 360 will capture your guests and the space around them. It’s a wonderful and memorable way to show off your entire party and decor. You’ll be transported back to the vibe and sensation of your event every time you look back at the video captures.

Since 360 photo booths aren’t as common as other photo booth options, your guests will be curious and eager to use this booth. This premium photo booth will impress your guests and make your event unforgettable.”