Get To Know One Fine Day Events

Today we’re chatting with the owner of One Fine Day Events, Marci Bogs! You can learn more about their company here.

Tell us about your business. What do you do and what makes it special?

One Fine Day Events is a full-service wedding and event planning company specializing in weddings and events at private estates, hotels, and resorts in the Lake Tahoe region and beyond. We are a team of talented planners and designers who bring over 20 years of experience to our craft. We are committed to celebrating and telling our clients love stories and creating a celebration that highlights them amongst the beauty of their surroundings. We also delight in providing access to private estates that are exclusive to our clients. These estates are both lakefront and in Tahoe National Forest.

What would you like to share with future couples?

We strive to provide the best concierge-level service to each of our clients. To do so, we take a limited number of events each year. When working with One Fine Day Events, you work with a team of planners who become friends. We couple our expertise in an approachable way and delight in partnering with our couples to create custom celebrations tailored to them.

What brings you the greatest joy in your life?

Professionally: Getting to know the stories of each of our clients and colleagues. Relationships are what matters most.

Personally: Watching our growing family marvel at all the world has to offer. Currently- that’s the Greatest Showman and Hotwheels for our two littles.

What brought you to Tahoe?

Originally from the Bay Area, my husband and I had transplanted to Colorado. A year into marriage we were ready to start our family but knew we had to be closer to family. We wanted to stay close to the mountains so the Sierras it was!

What is a must-see hidden gem in Lake Tahoe?

I think it’s because I’ve been going here since I was a kid, but if you’ve never been to Sand Harbor, it’s a must. Such a splendid sight with beautiful areas to relax on the beach and go out for a swim.

Describe Lake Tahoe to someone who has never been here.

Lake Tahoe is a majestic sight. Clear crystal blue waters that will send shivers down your spine. When you breathe in the fresh mountain air-filled vanilla-scented Jeffrey evergreens, your soul won’t be able to help but relax and feel a sense of calm.

Tahoe lifestyle: winter or summer?

Spring or fall? I love it all but have always been more of a spring or fall babe. I love the opportunity to put on some shorts with a sweatshirt.

What would you do if you were not a wedding planner??

If I was not a wedding planner, I would be a florist! I love the beauty that florals bring and am forever in awe of our floral partners. I’ve dabbled in florals here and there and always find them a calming therapy for whatever is happening in life.

What inspires your work?

So much. The biggest inspiration comes from nature and the stories our couples share. From there it’s interior design and architecture. Our team is also always inspired by our colleagues and the beauty they bring to this industry.

What is a fun fact about your company?

We have team members on both coasts!

What’s the most useless talent you have?

I can whistle three ways.

What is the closest thing to real magic?

Relationships. Relationships are the closest thing to real magic. I see it every day in my relationship with my kids. I see magic in the relationships of our couples. I see the magic between my husband and I. The ability to speak life into relationships and with just a touch or encouraging word create a connection like no other. That’s magic.

What is your go-to activity to do outside of work?

It’s being a mom, slowly transforming our home into the house of our dreams, and nourishing my family with home-cooked meals.

What kind of wedding guest are you?

The supportive kind! I will be signing that guest book, taking that photo, cheering you on in your first dance, and leading the cupid shuffle on the dance floor. 😉

Any song you can add to our brides’ and grooms’ budding wedding playlist? 

Lil Boo Thang by Paul Russell

Working in the wedding industry is not for the faint of heart. So how do you rest and rejuvenate?

A Magnesium Bath and Electrolytes. 🙂

What is something people might not know about you? 

I also own Marcella Camille Events and Tahoe Unveiled!

Any four-legged friends in your home? 

Yes! Maybe a few too many. We have two dogs, two cats, and 14 chickens.