Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

If you got engaged over the holiday season, chances are you’re still in the beginning stages of your planning process.  And chances are, you may or may not have decided to hire a wedding planner.  Well, you may have guessed it, we feel pretty strongly about hiring a wedding planner over here at Tahoe Unveiled.  But we don’t just want you to hear that from us, we want you to hear from our pros on reasons why you should hire a wedding planner.

But first, what is a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is a professional who guides clients through the elements of wedding planning.  To help make sense of all the planning checklists, we like to break planning down into three phases:  The Planning Phase, The Design Phase, and the Production/Final Phase. 

A full-service planner guides you through ( and often does most of the work for you) through every phase of the planning process. 

A partial planner will help you through the design and final phase but you manage all the details in the planning phase. 

A coordinator manages all the elements of the final phase. Note: If you’re looking for a day of coordinator (a phrase coined by an editor at The Knot without talking with wedding planners if this really even existed) and you hire a true ‘day-of coordinator’, you may be in for a big headache and stress on your wedding day.  It can be really hard to trust someone with your most important day, trying to be a bride while entrusting all the details to someone who just got all the information.  

Okay, with all those details specified, read on if you’re on the fence about hiring one. 

Mountain Thyme Events says this about hiring a wedding planner. 

So, you are extremely organized, have a vision board, and your best friend is in the floral industry- why hire a wedding planner? I get asked this quite often and my response is always the same, so you can relax and trust that the one day you need to go perfectly…does. Hiring a wedding planner ensures you have an industry expert by your side every step of the way. We know vendors, venues, and the area better than anyone. While I agree couples today have an abundance of resources at their fingertips, Planners have seen it all, and whether you are aware of it or not, we have a plan B, C, & D ready to go. A good wedding planner doesn’t just help you pick linens and florals, they help you feel grounded and present so you can truly enjoy your friends and family. We are a group of creatives who love timelines and seeing a vision come together. 

Epic Thyme Events says, 

“Hiring a wedding planner is the best choice you can make when it comes to your big day. Especially in a destination area like Lake Tahoe. A wedding planner not only saves you hundreds of hours in planning yourself but they can offer industry expertise in venue and vendor selection as well as help you get creative with your design and personalize it to you!  An experienced planner will help you prepare for anything because they’ve seen everything. They are there to help you from start to finish including vendor selection and coordinating all of the tiniest of details to make sure nothing is missed and your day is completely stress-free. Not to mention, a planner can utilize established vendor relationships to help you get quick answers as well as stay within your budget, all the while making sure that you get the absolute most bang for your buck! “

According to Marcella Camille Events, a wedding planner is your guide, confidant, and often your wedding planning bestie during your whole engagement process.  We understand the nuances of your experiences in engagement like no other and will be there to reassure and guide you through the 100s of choices and decisions you’ll be making during your wedding day.  And no one is as dedicated to the success of your event as your wedding planner and their team. 

One Fine Day Events says you should hire a wedding planner ‘because we are the professionals who have spent countless hours honing this craft, continuing education, and refining our processes so we can better partner with you to curate a celebration like no other.  We understand the intricacies of wedding planning from our couples’ perspective, the language each vendor speaks, the many design rules to create a show-stopping wedding, and delicate elements that need to be carefully woven to seamlessly craft your wedding production.  We know the general pricing of each wedding element and the best ways to bring your dreams to life while honoring your target spend. Hiring a wedding planner to work with and guide you through the planning process and create your dream wedding is one of the best wedding investments you can make. ‘