Top 5 Tips to Make Your Makeup Last on Your Wedding Day

Long-lasting wedding makeup is a must on your special day! Especially when there are emotional vows and dancing involved. So how do you ensure your makeup will last? And what can you do before the wedding to help you achieve that flawless look? Luna Belle Beauty has all the answers!

1. Using Good Products

For starters, our artists use top quality and high-end brand products that are made to last all day. Using a good product is step one in ensuring your makeup lasts all day!

2. Instructions + Tips

Follow Luna Belle Beauty’s recommended preparation instructions and tips.

3. Washing Your Face

Wash your face with an exfoliant the day or night before.

4. Clean and Fresh

Lightly wash your face the day of but refrain from using other products. Light moisturizers are ok. Do not wear any makeup on the day of the wedding. A clean and fresh face is best!

5. Add a Touch-Up Kit

Having a touch-up kit at hand is a great way to be prepared should anything unexpected come along.

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