5 Ways to Freshen up Traditional Poses by VILD Photography

VILD Photography is known for capturing couples who are madly in love against epic backdrops. Think laughter, sweet touches, and tears of joy. But how do they keep blowing us away with their work year after year? And how do they put a new spin on traditional poses? There is only one way to find out! 

1. Movement

On a list of 1 – 5 things you can do, this can probably be number 1 – 3. Adding movement to any pose allows your photographer to capture a lot of variety in a short period. It will enable you to breathe, relax and have fun without feeling too stiff or stale. You can walk, run, sway, or do something as little as brush the hair out of your partner’s face.

2. Bring props

Anything from a hat, a bike, or food will allow you to focus on something other than the camera. In addition, it will prompt genuine reactions as you engage with the prop, whether you are just putting on or taking off your hat or toasting with your favorite drink.

3. Do an activity

This is similar to the recommendation of bringing a prop but taken to the next level. If you actually set out to do an activity that you enjoy, you will feel more relaxed, look happier and just have a great time – without forcing anything.

4. Have time

We say this over and over again. If you feel rushed and stressed – it will show in photos.

5. When in doubt, embrace!

If you feel stiff, you can always default to a hug or a kiss.

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