The 7 Things You Need For Your Wedding Website

You have started to plan your wedding, you have a venue and all the big details done. Its time to make your wedding website! Here are the 7 major things that you need for your wedding website.

1. Your Love Story

How you met and about the proposal. All your guests may want to revisit your love story, this is also spot to just get it all down and revisit it yourselves!

2. Engagement Photos and just general photos of you two

This is paired very nicely with the aforementioned love story section. Your guests are going to want to see your ring! This is the best place to house those photos, you can add as many photos as you want make it a whole gallery!

3. Lodging Information + Things to do in the area information.

The Hyatt Regency in Lake Tahoe is a great place for you guests

We recommend providing three places for lodging with varying price levels.  For fun things to do in the area (for a destination location) think food spots, shopping, and outdoor activities. 

4. Your Wedding Party 

Who they are, your friendship story with each other, and photos of them or you two. 

5. Weekend Event Info (we’ll put event info here that is open for all guests to attend)

Transportation, wedding attire, and any other. your wedding specific information.

6. Links to your wedding registry. 

You can hyperlink your registry here or some of the websites you make your registry directly in the website.

7. FAQ’s

These are commonly asked questions that are very important to add to save yourself tons of the same questions being asked.

What date should I RSVP by? FAQs About Directions, Transportation and Accommodations. What are the addresses of the wedding ceremony and reception venues? Are they wheelchair accessible? What is the easiest way to get to and from your wedding venue(s)? Is there parking available near your wedding venue(s)? Will your wedding be indoors or outdoors? Have you reserved blocks of rooms at one or more hotels? Will there be a shuttle to and/or from the hotel(s)? What is the dress code for your wedding? Are there any colors or styles you’d prefer me to wear? What is the weather like in the area? Am I allowed to bring a plus one? Am I allowed to bring my children? What type of food will be served at your wedding? Will there be meal options for guests with dietary restrictions or allergies? Will there be an open bar?