We are very excited to welcome Tahoe Unveiled vendor, florist Brandie Chisholm of  B&B Designs. Brandie has been creating gorgeous floral designs for Lake Tahoe weddings for years and we absolutely love her creativity and style. Here are Brandie’s top tips for choosing your wedding flowers.

(Photography provided by Handlebar Studios)

1. Where to begin. Create a folder or Pinterest board and place images that you like in it. You should start to notice a pattern or a theme through these images that will ultimately help you decide on your style, theme and color palette.

handlebar studios 3

2. Choose your color palette. Pick your main color/colors based on colors you have always liked. Remember that not every flower comes in every color, so if a specific flower is more important to you then the color, then you may want to pick your color based on that flower. Couples should also be open to a range of colors, due to the fact that flowers come from nature and may come in shades of your color but not the exact color.

Handlebar Studios 2

3. Decide on a style or theme that fits YOU. The flowers are the perfect way to relay your theme to your guests. How your flowers are designed should have a reflection on you the couple. A couple should think about what style best describes them, whether it be elegant, classical, rustic, vintage, country, etc and choose that style that best fits them. Also, keep in mind the venue you have selected because it too may influence this decision.

handlebar studios 4

4. Set aside a floral budget. Most people don’t realize the expense of flowers and often cut this part of the budget short. Couples, however, should remember that the flowers are what brings everything together. They add the extra beauty to your space and photos, and are a way to transform your venue, represent your style, and create the “wow” effect that your guests will remember.

Handlebar Studios 1

5. 2015 wedding flower trends. This year in color I am seeing a lot of whites, creams, and blushes with a marsala/burgundy accent and touches of gold. I am also noticing that bouquets and arrangements are loosening up and overall vases are moving toward a more elegant container. Garland is also making a huge appearance in this year’s wedding scene.

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Jodie and Kevin’s held their Tahoe destination wedding at River Ranch Lodge along the Truckee River. The couple chose to have their wedding in fall, which is such a lovely time of year in Lake Tahoe. Check out the full gallery below from the talented Anita Martin Photography.


Jodie+Kevin-462 Jodie+Kevin-016 Jodie+Kevin-139 Jodie+Kevin-150 Jodie+Kevin-152 Jodie+Kevin-193 Jodie+Kevin-370 Jodie+Kevin-375 Jodie+Kevin-361 Jodie+Kevin-392 Jodie+Kevin-188 Jodie+Kevin-156 Jodie+Kevin-264 Jodie+Kevin-268 Jodie+Kevin-470 Jodie+Kevin-457 Jodie+Kevin-455 Jodie+Kevin-270 Jodie+Kevin-471 Jodie+Kevin-482 Jodie+Kevin-504 Jodie+Kevin-541 Jodie+Kevin-551 Jodie+Kevin-578 Jodie+Kevin-843 Jodie+Kevin-610 Jodie+Kevin-750 Jodie+Kevin-758


Lake Tahoe Wedding Vendors:

Photographer: Anita Martin | Wedding Coordinator/Planner: Linda Johns, River Ranch Lodge with help from Jodie’s Aunt, Janet | Officiant: Steve Antonini (Jodie’s Uncle) | DJ: Lake Tahoe DJ | Florist: Martha Berynk Floral Design | Venue: River Ranch Lodge | Baker/Cake: Leigh Anne from Delicious Designs | Hair: Jessica Vinciguerra and Eryn Lovingier | Make-up: Jill Briggs from Beauty Box Make-Up Arts | Wedding Dress: Allure Bridal | Bridesmaids Dresses: Amsale | Tuxedos: Mens Warehouse

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Dog Wedding-4

If you’ve ever visited Lake Tahoe it will come as no surprise that people here love their dogs and consider them an important part of the family. So, if you have a man’s-best-friend, you will probably want to include them in your  Tahoe wedding. Here are some ideas we love for incorporating your furry friend into your special day …

1. Include them in you photos.

2. Incorporate them into your cake — be it as cake toppers or something more unique as seen below.

3. Use them to deliver the rings are you recite your vows.

4. Have them be the star of your save the date cards.

5. If they are really well behaved, have them stand up there with you as you recite your vows.

Dog Wedding    Dog Wedding-8    Dog Wedding-3 Dog Wedding-5 Dog Wedding-9 Dog Wedding-7 (top to bottom) Viral Nova, Green Wedding Shoes, the knot, the knot, Burnetts Boards, the knot, Etsy, dog vacay

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There are so many things you have to think about when planning out your wedding day beauty regimen. Most likely, you will choose to go with makeup that makes you look fresh and natural, but, we love the idea of using your nails as a place to add a little funk to your wedding day look.

Below we highlight some pairing we are loving right now. Our favorite, probably, having to be pairing two shades of blue (for your something blue). But, what we really love about all the below pairings is that they can be flip-flopped for nail and toes, but our idea was the more neutral color goes on your nails with the more bold color on your toes.

Finally, a little secret, you don’t have to save these polish pairings for your wedding day, they will look great at any time. Any, some expert advice: when getting you wedding day manicure splurge for the gels because you don’t wany something like a chipped nail bumming you out right before walking down the aisle.

blue polish
Meet the Parents // Mots Bleus
Orange:Grey Polish
Gray Matters // Le Orange
Red:Nude Polish
Born This Way // Come to Bed Red
Red:Pink Polish
Pink Valentine // NUIT 1947

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Orange Wedding Color Palette Done Right

There are many ways to use the color orange and I think we can all imagine the overuse. But orange and shades of tangerine is the perfect color to create a fabulous fun splash of Spring. Using this color wisely is not only a new trend in the wedding world but can also be infused into your daily wardrobe. Why not use this juicy color on your heels? Or maybe snag the next gorgeous tangerine clutch for a super fun night out? Not to mention the combination of bright ranunculus with green leaves and colorful cake pops as dessert is design perfection.

orange wedding ideas Photo: Sally Pinera | Planner: Esoteric Events

orange wedding inspiraiton Left: Sally Pinera | Right: Whitney Krutzfeldt Photography

orange wedding colors Photos: Rebecca Yale Photography

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Light pastels and the subtle texture of watercolors inspired this mountain wedding, and the The Landing Resort and Spa in South Lake Tahoe couldn’t have fit any better. With a lakeside backdrop to mimic the ethereal qualities of the watercolors, décor, and dreamy bridesmaids dresses, you’ll definitely be swooning if you love all of the above. Thanks to photog Jon M Photography for the gorgeous snaps!

The planners, Once Upon a Time Events, tell the wedding tale below:

Our team bonded with Alicia and Henning before we even met them and was solidified as the planning process progressed. It was so fun to hear about all the details of their relationship; how they met (on OkCupid.com), their nicknames for each other (Bear and Moose), and how he proposed (on the beach with a hidden photographer!).

30 4

The morning of the wedding Henning went for a hike over Emerald Bay while the girls got dolled up by Edin Carpenter. Alicia and her sister were able to take a moment with each other to cut a heart from one of their father’s shirts, who had passed years earlier, and hand sew it inside her wedding dress together. The Bride’s family added the final touch to her look with earrings that her grandmother was given to wear on her wedding day. Every woman married in the family since then has also worn them, including her mother and sister. The Bride also adorned the veil that her mother wore in her wedding to her father and gifted a watch of her father’s to the Groom the day of the wedding. The gorgeous bridal bouquet was tenderly wrapped in lace from both of her Grandmother’s wedding dresses.

5 51 28 15 17

The Bride’s childhood Rabbi married them with Lake Tahoe as a stunning backdrop and signed the Ketubah, a special Jewish prenuptial agreement. Their guests from all over the world (even Israel) took South Lake Tahoe by storm.

19 22

Midway through planning, our design focus shifted as the idea of a watercolor wedding was brought up based on a potential bridesmaid dress by Donna Morgan. Our team loved the idea of playing with all of the different soft colors and 6 months later it all came to life!

31 34 33 32

Every detail was planned out, down to the hand-dyed ombre napkins DIY’d by the Groom himself! The custom chandelier at the reception draping with flowers by Thran’s Flowers was a show stopper, not to mention the live painter Nata’s Fine Art, who captured every important moment of their wedding day in a one-of-a-kind piece which will hang on their wall for years to come.

35 38 45 49 47

Alicia’s cousins have been known to serenade the new Bride and Groom during the toasts, and this wedding was no exception. A medley of three songs were the perfect ending after a heart felt speech was given by a close friend of the family in place of the Bride’s father. The partying commenced after a beautifully choreographed first dance and was followed by the Horah!

Lake Tahoe Wedding Vendors:
Planning/Design: Once Upon a Time Events | Photographer: Jon M Photography | Videographer: Estrella Films | Venue: The Landing Resort and Spa | Floral: Thrans Flowers | Select Rentals: Camelot Party Rentals & Holy Chic Rentals | Linens: Creative Coverings | Cake: Delicious Designs | Music: Jeff Jones Band | Live Painter: Nata’s Fine Art, Wedding Painting | Print Design: The Stylish Scribe | Hair/Makeup: Edin Carpenter Makeup Artistry | Wedding Dress: Tara Keely | Bridal Shoes: Bandolino | Bridesmaid Dresses: Donna Morgan | Suits: Calvin Klein | Groom Shoes: Allen Edmonds

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Bohemian Mountain Lake Tahoe Wedding

Kelly and Eddie’s bohemian mountain wedding in Tahoe City is everything we want in a Lake Tahoe wedding. The bride had her hand in all of the effortlessly beautiful decor from the wildflower and herb bouquets to the pine cone trail leading to the ceremony.  We especially love the floral bridesmaids dresses and overall relaxed, happy vibe of the day. Not to mention how perfectly Melina Wallisch Photography captured it all.


From the photographer, Melina~
Eddie proposed to Kelly on a mountainside in Norway. When they were living in San Francisco, they made frequent snow trips to the mountain. Both active snowboarders, they decided on a relaxed, backyard wedding in Lake Tahoe. They now reside in LA and I am happy to share their wedding story here with you.

lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration19 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration06 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration14 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration07 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration04 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration09 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration13 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration40 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration36 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration27 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration26 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration30 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration32 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration22 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration20

Entering Kelly and Eddie’s welcome party at the Bear Paw Lodge in Tahoe City felt like being at a global music festival. Soft Mexican blankets were laid out with oversized pillows, a live band, specialty wristbands and custom bar drinks. Eddie’s family comes from England and South Africa, and Kelly was raised in San Diego. Flags from every part of the world that guests were from hung throughout the wooded land overlooking glorious Lake Tahoe. Lawn games and gourmet s’mores mingled with fire pits and dance parties. It was a welcome party that felt like home. Kelly and Eddie’s relaxed, happy vibe set the tone for their entire wedding weekend. They really wanted their vendors to blend in and specifically requested that we not dress in black, as many service vendors on a wedding day do. In fact, they asked my assistant photographer to wear jeans! Kelly had her hand in all of the effortlessly beautiful decor from the wildflower and herb bouquets (crafted by Kelly’s childhood soccer friend Casey of Second Nature Creations) to the pine cone trail leading to the ceremony. Instead of flower petals, the ceremony path was lined with vintage rugs, set in the woodland forest behind the Lodge.

lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration33 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration37 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration11 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration12 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration10

At one point, some of the couple’s special family guests came up front to sing Mumford and Son’s “I will wait for you”. Their mic wasn’t working so they asked everyone to join in (how convenient that the words were written on the program). One of my favorite wedding moments ever is when the entire wedding sang this song to Kelly and Eddie. It was a moment I will never forget. Cocktail hour followed with a gourmet meal under the stars. After heartfelt toasts and a beautiful first dance, DJ and master musician Brian Hess brought the house down with one of the best house parties I have ever experienced. The goodness just kept on flowing all night with homemade mac ‘n’ cheese and pie. If I were to ever marry again, this would be the ideal wedding to have. A wedding where everyone is happy is hard to pull off, and Kelly and Eddie did it splendidly.

lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration00 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration01 lake-tahoe-bearw-paw-lodge-rustic-wildflower-wedding-inspiration38

Photographer: Melina Wallisch Photography | Event Planner & Caterer: D’lish Catering | Floral Designer: Second Nature Creations | Event Venue: Bear Paw Lodge | Invitation Designer: Wide Eyes Paper Company | Musicians: Brian Hess Music | Linens and Coverings: EventMasters | Lighting: Tahoe Entertainer

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Emergency Kit-1

On your wedding day, even the smallest of problems can send you into an absolute panic. So, no matter how calm, cool and collective you think you are we suggest packing an emergency kit that keeps you prepared for anything life tries to throw at you on this special day. Here we provide a list, broken down by category, of all the odds and ends you might for some odd reason need in an instant on your wedding day.

And, if the sound of assembling one of these kits sounds like something you want, but the last thing you want to focus your energy on, then we suggest two things. If you have a planner, ask them if they come equipped with such a kit — we bet they do. If you don’t have a planner, these bridal emergency kits can be ordered from sites like Pinch Provisions or With You In Mind Inc.
Emergency Kit

Apparel Emergencies

Sewing Kit
Crochet Hook
Safety Pins
Lint Roller
Scotch Guard
Clear Nail Polish
Hem Tape
White Chalk – great at removing red wine stains
Extra Earring Backs
Stain Remover

Beauty Emergencies

Nail Glue
Eyelash Glue
Blotting Papers
Clear Nail Polish
Hair Spray
Face Mist
Krazy Glue
Bobby Pins
Clear Hair Elastics

Hygiene Emergencies

Baby Powder
Breath Mints
Dentel Floss
Blister Balm

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