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A full-service wedding planning & design company specializing in eco-friendly, sustainable Lake Tahoe weddings.

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      Epic Thyme is a sustainable wedding planner in Lake Tahoe. We find creative ways to design breathtaking, highly personalized, eco-friendly weddings without being wasteful. It’s important to know where your items are coming from, how they’re made, what you’ll do with them after your wedding, and ways to incorporate eco-friendly wedding ideas into your design. A sustainable wedding is all about reducing your event’s effect on the environment. Too often, couples spend money on items that aren’t necessary for their dream wedding. We help you be intentional and thoughtful about every detail of your wedding to save you money and do our part to help save the earth. 

      As your Lake Tahoe wedding planner, one of the first questions we ask to start the planning process is what an ideal Saturday looks like for you. Why? Because we want to know what you love, what you’re passionate about, what makes you come alive and use that to design a celebration that feels like a natural extension of you as a couple.

      At Epic Thyme, We’re Passionate About…

      • Inclusivity–we are LGBTQ+ friendly and welcome all couples
      • Sustainability–we design green weddings that are good for the earth 
      • Local Business–we support and champion our neighbors 
      • Farm-to-Table–we curate organic experiences for a natural wedding in Lake Tahoe
      • Creativity–we view each wedding as a unique opportunity to create something brand new
      • Hard Work–we love to have fun, but it’s always equally matched with dedication and professionalism 


      Magicians, each and every one of them! There is just no way possible to capture the pure magic that Epic Thyme creates into words. However, Epic Thyme went above and beyond the call of duty with me as their client and for our music festival wedding extravaganza, so I must try my best to explain, as anyone planning any event would be beyond blessed to even consider them. To begin with, Christi and Monique are beautiful people inside and out with hearts of gold and the desire to bring magic and joy to each event they do. As I worked with them for the last year and a half planning my wedding, I quickly grew to love them as the people they are and the work they do, and truly looked forward to each and every meeting I had with them. That being said, I was no easy bride. I had a million and one completely crazy dreams and went absolutely buck wild with planning, crafting, and constant new ideas. Not only did they make me feel validated, they worked endlessly and tirelessly to ensure my crazy dreams were being fulfilled. Fast forward to my wedding, which was flawless and hands down the greatest event any of our guests had ever been to. I truly have no idea how they possibly managed to make every single moment, event, idea, and more so incredibly perfect (but I suspect magic and a lot of hard work), all with a giant smile on their face. My music festival wedding went off without a hitch, even in 93 MPH winds. Tears come to my eyes as I write this because it was a near-impossible task that they beyond delivered on. There is not one moment the entire day or night that I would change for all the money in the world. It was better than I ever could have dreamed, and this is all because of these incredibly talented women at Epic Thyme. My husband, our guests, and I are beyond blessed with the memories of this magical day, and the world is truly a better place because of the work that they do. Thank you for making this little girl’s completely absurd dreams come true. Bailey and Spencer
      Epic wedding thanks to the epic team! I wish I could give more than 5 stars because Christi Nasser with Epic Thyme deserves it. Christi was the best part of our wedding, and we are forever grateful we were lucky enough to hire her. When I first reached out to Christi, she was on a weekend snowboard trip with friends, but the venue I was interested in was "close" (not really), so she agreed to sneak away and meet with me. I knew after our first meeting I needed Christi's expertise with my wedding planning venture. Christi was the first wedding decision we made in regards to our wedding, and I am so thankful we had her for literally EVERY step of the process. She helped us with venue ideas, dates (even checking the weather to make sure it would be what we wanted that time of year!) design ideas, hiring vendors, budgeting, websites and so much more. I was shocked at her organization and professionalism. Christi went above and beyond in every way. Her customer service and wedding planning skills are truly unmatched. We worked with Christi for over a year, and there wasn't a thing she missed along the way. I often joked that I didn’t feel like I was even a bride-to-be with my hair on fire planning because I had Christi! The day of our wedding was beyond our wildest dreams because of her. I wasn't stressed about a single thing and truly got to enjoy every minute of the day. Every detail of the wedding was PERFECT, and the entire weekend was seamless. My husband and I have had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on our wedding, and we owe it all to Christi and her EPIC TEAM!!! They embody that word in its entirety. We are forever grateful to Christi for helping us plan the wedding of our dreams. We'd do it all over again just to work with Christi! Kylie & Kolby
      Christi and Epic Thyme are the best! When we first reached out to Christi, we still hadn’t decided on the location for our destination wedding. It didn’t matter because after one conversation, we knew immediately that Christi was the wedding planner we needed in our lives. She was personable, professional, organized, helpful, creative, knowledgeable, chill — literally everything you could hope for when planning a wedding in the middle of a pandemic and from afar (we live in Europe). Christi was so good at listening to both of our ideas and using her own planning and design expertise to essentially 10x every idea we had. I am honestly amazed by how she was able to transform our ideas and a few of our favorite Pinterest pins into something so amazing. It was such a relief to be able to hand project management of all wedding things over to Christi, so my husband and I could have time for some of the other planning tasks and also focus on other things. When we had to make the difficult decision to cut our guest count to comply with local pandemic guidelines, Christi helped us to tweak the details of the weekend to create a really fun, intimate event. We had such an amazing weekend with our families. The day after our wedding, when we said goodbye to Christi, it felt like we were saying goodbye as friends. We had gotten used to regular calls with her and truly enjoyed her support and friendship in the months leading up to our wedding day. We loved working with Christi and would hands-down recommend Epic Thyme to any couple that needs help planning their wedding in Lake Tahoe and beyond. Christi, thanks again for helping us put together the perfect wedding weekend with our family. It was better than we ever could have imagined. Krista & Matt
      Christi & Monique made our wedding day 100% stress-free! and went off without a hitch or thought! Having a wedding planner was not originally part of our plan or budget. But as planning moved along, and we somehow seemed to be moving backward, we decided to hire a planner. Searching through vendors can be so difficult and stressful, so if you are looking and reading this- STOP. And send Christi a message to see if she is available for your day! I am indecisive. My husband's job has him away from home for several months at a time, so I did much of the planning on my own. But I was not really on my own! Christi helped me make decisions, stay on track & on budget, and it was such a blast to meet with on top of all of it! She helped us create a vision for the wedding, which we could not have ever created on our own. She helped us to find vendors that kept us within our budget and led us to the best DJ- DJ Dave Berkman! When we first found Epic Thyme, it was just Christi, but we are so grateful to have Monique there leading up to and for the day of our wedding. Because of these two ladies, my husband and I did not have to think about a single thing on the day of the wedding. It allowed us, our family, and friends to truly just enjoy every moment throughout the day. They helped keep the whole day on schedule and in a way that never made us feel rushed. Our entire wedding week was stress-free! Christi went above and beyond. For example, the day before, she picked up the bulk flowers we ordered from a flower farm and helped us put together beautiful flower arrangements! She also helped my mother-in-law coordinate the rehearsal dinner, which was amazing! Every detail was so beautiful and so fun and would not have been possible without the two of them! About 6 weeks before our wedding, we had to re-do the entire reception from CA to Nevada because of COVID restrictions, and Christi helped us navigate all of this and all of these changes. It made such an incredible difference to have a professional help us get through all of the stress of these changes and talk with our new venue, all while doing this for other couples as well! One of the biggest lessons learned is that planning your wedding, while it will have stressful moments, should be mostly FUN! You are about to marry the love of your life and your best friend! If you are looking for an amazing team to help you plan a beautiful celebration, Christi will help you make all your wedding dreams a reality while keeping it full of laughter and love!!! We absolutely loved working with her! She did more for us than I can even write in this review, so I will just leave it at hiring Epic Thyme was one of the best planning decisions that we made! Elizabeth & Matt
      THE BEST! My fiance and I procrastinated on planning our wedding. Neither of us is a great event planner, so we knew we needed some help. We had intro conversations with a few wedding planners, but Christi at Epic Thyme stood out from the rest. She was so optimistic, kind, friendly, chill - we felt like planning a wedding was possible with her help! She listened to what we wanted, had a ton of ideas from the start, then sent us a whole perfect plan in two days! We were amazed. Then.... the pandemic happened, things were shutting down, and we had no idea how long it would last. We were lost, all over the place, and finally decided on a small immediate family-only wedding that we had to plan in 2 months (due to the start of winter in Lake Tahoe). We would NEVER have been able to pull it all off without Christi. She had zoom meetings with us every week and kept us on track. Because we live in Denver and weren't going to see the venue until the wedding, she even went and scoped it out for us! The whole wedding weekend went off seamlessly. She was at the venue before us the day before the wedding getting things set up with our vendors and planning a rehearsal just to make sure it was all perfect. She took care of everything on the day of the wedding - our families were pretty amazed that they didn't have to run any last-minute errands, help with setup, etc. Christi is super professional, fun, thoughtful, enthusiastic, and always has a smile on her face! We couldn't be happier and are very grateful. Irish and Kevin