Sunflower and Navy Blue Wedding in Truckee

Sunflowers and navy blue details set the scene for this mountain wedding at PJ’s at Gray’s Crossing in Truckee, CA. This country club overlooks a beautiful wooded valley with a golf course weaved discreetly through the trees, making the venue a perfect blend of beauty and accoutrements.




Leya and Chris have family in Northern California so a destination wedding was the best way to include their loved ones and enjoy the gorgeous Sierras that they missed so much after moving to Kentucky.


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From the Bride, Leya ~
When Chris proposed to me in August 2015, it didn’t take us very long to decide that Lake Tahoe would be the perfect location to become husband and wife. Even though we currently live in Lexington, KY, our “home” is the West Coast. I grew up in the Bay Area and Chris spent much of his childhood in Coos Bay, OR. Planning a destination wedding where you select your venue and vendors based on how well the FaceTime conversation went is not ideal, but in this case, everything clicked.PJ’s at Gray’s Crossing was the perfect spot for our late summer wedding date. The ceremony location had a clear view of Mt. Rose in the background and the reception location,surrounded by towering pine, pulled the modern rustic vibe together. We worked with Stephanie of Stephanie Teague Events to bring our Lake Tahoe wedding dreams to life. Mike from Mr. DJ Services set the tone with the music for every memorable moment of the night and Dave from Dave Shilling Photography  was a perfect fit for us and our guests, so much so that many forgot he was snapping the night away. From the gorgeous sunflower and wildflower bouquets to the birch tree cake, Stephanie and her team of vendors took what was a sampling of Pinterest ideas and pulled it together to give us newlyweds a magical night in the mountains.


Lake Tahoe Wedding Vendors:
Photographer: Dave Shilling Photography | Cake Designer: Ettore’s | Linens and Coverings: La Tavola Fine Linen | Floral Designer: Flourish | Makeup Artist: Hello Glam | DJ:Mike Jones DJ | Event Venue: PJ’s at Gray’s Crossing | Event Planner: Stephanie Teague Events

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