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      At The Bride’s Floral Mortician we offer Bouquet Preservation. We create a botanical art piece that is custom handcrafted to reflect all the beautiful details of your Bridal Bouquet. We currently have three ways to show off the finished flowers: Pressed Floral, Resin, and Cloche Designs. Bouquet Preservation allows a Keepsake from the wedding; providing a tangible memory to cherish for years to come.


      The Bride’s Floral Mortician makes the most beautiful pieces to capture memories of loved ones or to commemorate special moments or events in people’s lives. My mom’s cousin passed away a few years ago and when we recently came across her hair my mom was just going to throw it away not knowing what to do with it. I told her no I would figure out a way to keep it forever. Then I came across Kelly and her GORGEOUS pieces. I immediately knew she was the right person I could trust to make a gorgeous piece to remember my cousin. This beautiful piece brought tears to all our eyes! Kelly could never know how truly special this piece is for our family and all the memories it holds. ~Katelyn