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As a woman- and veteran-owned company, we’re proud to partner with artisans and small businesses from the Tahoe region and beyond to create innovative gifting experiences that bring people together. Sustainability and reciprocity inform all our choices, from product sourcing to packaging to nonprofit partnerships.

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      Darya, a graphic designer from Big Sur, and Matthew, a Finnish-born nomad who wandered the Appalachians in his youth, have been hearing the call of the mountains their whole lives. 

      When Matthew retired from a career in Naval Special Warfare and Darya left her corporate job to establish roots in the mountains, they sought beautiful water and a strong community. Looking for ways they might contribute to their village and beyond, they created a company to help people show their appreciation for one another. 

      Tahoe Gifting Co makes gifting a memorable experience for both giver and receiver. Our unique combination of original design, attention to detail, and the highest quality goods from local artisans provides just that kind of experience for individuals and large organizations alike.