Eats Cooking Company
Weddings are an occasion of joy, love, and excitement. Let our team serve you and uplift this spirit with the finest local and ethical ingredients of the season.

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      We are EATS Cooking Company: Ethically And Tastefully Simple. We exist to thoughtfully produce menus for clients whether they desire the best local meat or fresh, contemporary plant based vegan or gluten free options.

      EATS Cooking Company entered the market place to provide California and Nevada with creative dining options that consistently features ingredients procured with a refined sense of ethics and purpose. Our creativity and experience have allowed us to provide menus showcasing the best local ranches, as well as menus for those desiring contemporary plant-based vegan and gluten free cuisine.  

      Each menu is crafted to showcase the intersection of our clients tastes and the seasonal bounty of our local food system. All ingredients are carefully sourced to have a positive impact on the land, water and local economies. We have had the great pleasure of building relationships with local farms, ranchers and markets. 

      Attention to the humane treatment of animals, and an urgent focus on environmentally conscious ingredients lies at the center of each EATS menu. Our meat proteins are thoughtfully selected to feature humanely certified animal products, and seafood that has been sourced by the regulations set forth by the Safina Foundation and 


      "EATS did an amazing job! Delicious and organic food, served in a professional way. We couldn’t have been happier with their product and service. Highly recommended for your next event! Andy Bardon