Bianca Sciotto Photography
Visual storyteller. Dedicated to the simple, the unique, and everything in between. Documenting the light that shines upon your authentic self.

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      My innate fascination lies amidst those in-between moments. The tiny little truths that organically unfold before we have a chance to alter them. The place where nothing is contrived, everything is honest and time is obsolete. It’s this space that’s inherently comfortable. It’s this space where authenticity dwells. 

      The personal approach to photography that I possess, marches to this very rhythm. My interest lies in documenting your unique journey, lending ourselves to simply experience and create. I have a genuine curiosity in the life you live and strive to document the human element as truthfully and beautifully as I am able. 

      I am deeply committed to creating an experience that is as unique as you are. Intentional connection allows me the insight to tell your story w integrity and beauty. I seek to hold space and allow you to be fully present, to feel the moment w grace and truth. Seeking to pause amongst the hurriedness of life and document moments that evoke emotion and highlight the magic of simplicity. 


      After the stress of postponing our original wedding due to COVID and changing our plans multiple times, working with Bianca provided much needed calm, professionalism, and the most beautiful images we could have ever hoped for. My husband and I ended up eloping on a remote cliffside above the west shore of Lake Tahoe. Bianca was willing and supportive of photographing our elopement in a location only accessible by high clearance 4WD truck or 2 mile hike. She took extra time to scout the location with us a week before our date. After our ceremony we spent a magical 2 hours taking pictures in the most unique locations. My husband and I never imagined having so much fun with a camera pointed at us for that long. While photographing, Bianca has an innate ability to make the bride and groom feel super comfortable and provided the perfect amount of guidance for poses and body movement. Bianca knows how to balance meeting her client's desires while also contributing her professional knowledge to get the most stunning pictures you ever could hope for. We recommend Bianca a thousand times over for any photography needs. If you're looking for deeply creative, emotional, captivating images that you'll want to look at forever, this is your girl. We cannot thank Bianca enough for the amazing job she did with our elopement photography! Nicole & Dave Miller
      Let me start by saying that Bianca is phenomenal. Both as a photographer and as a person. She played a massive role in our elopement, setting us up to have a day more incredible than I or my wife could have imagined. You will be hard-pressed to find a more caring, professional, and committed photographer. We’ve worked with Bianca twice now. The first time was for our engagement, which took place in December in the mountains outside Reno. My wife and I set up the photoshoot as a fun way to get our first professional photos together, but behind the scenes, Bianca and I hatched a plan to make sure she got the perfect shot of the moment I went down on one knee. She knows the Reno/Lake Tahoe area so well that we were more than happy to let her select the time and location, and she and I came up with a phrase that she would say early in the shoot to signal that she was ready to capture the proposal. When the time came, she said the words and it went off without a hitch. My wife had absolutely no idea it was coming and the result is one of our all-time favorite photos. For the rest of the shoot, my wife and I felt like we were walking on air, and Bianca’s excitement for us was extremely touching. The snow even began to fall while we were out, and Bianca’s quick-thinking, adaptability to changing circumstances, and creativity yielded a batch of absolutely sublime images. Our original wedding plan had to change due to COVID, so we decided to go with a very small elopement instead. We entrusted Bianca with selecting the time and location of our ceremony, knowing that she would pick a phenomenal spot, and she completely delivered. She arranged for a gorgeous ceremony in a pristine mountain meadow followed by some lakeside shots as the sun was going down. Places we’d have never known existed without her. Her work, again, was absolutely top-notch and we are so happy with the images she captured of our wedding day. We plan to continue working with Bianca for any and all major milestones going forward and can’t recommend her highly enough. Amanda & Byron