A Dreamy West Shore Cafe Wedding With Advice From The Groom!

When an expert in the Tahoe wedding industry gets married, planning their own wedding is a bit different than what they are used to. Travis and Brittany were married at the West Shore Cafe this fall in a gorgeous lakefront ceremony. Travis has worked in events in the Tahoe area for several years and has relationships with vendors all over the Tahoe basin. Finding the best vendors to help them create their dream day was the first step in planning their wedding.

Travis shared with us their experience in finding the perfect vendors to bring their vision to life and how Tahoe Unveiled played a role in their search.

Living year-round in Lake Tahoe, Brittany and I always knew that we wanted to get married here. Tahoe is such a beautiful place, and we were excited to show off the area to all of our friends and family.

I have worked in the Tahoe wedding industry for several years. In my job, I developed relationships with vendors from all over the area. Once we began our wedding planning process, I had a good idea of what we were looking for vendor-wise but still wanted to do more research to ensure we had the perfect team to turn our vision into reality. In my experience working weddings, I knew that having a great vendor team was critical to the success of a well- designed wedding.

As we began to do more research, we noticed a pattern that most of the vendors we were interested in were also members of Tahoe Unveiled. This reassured us that we were on the right track to finding the vendor team that would work best for us. We were able to use Tahoe Unveiled as a single resource in our search. Being able to view a vendor’s work on their profile was amazing. As someone who has worked almost 1,000 weddings in Tahoe, Tahoe Unveiled truly showcases the best of the best in Tahoe!

As I look back on our wedding planning experience, I have one piece of advice: use Tahoe Unveiled. Here you will find vendors who are going to look after your wedding experience from start to finish. Brittany and I could not be more thrilled about our wedding and how well our vendors were able to take our ideas from concept to reality.

Congratulations to Travis and Brittany! If you want to learn more about the incredible vendors on our Vendor Guide, start here!