Brian Hess Music

Lake Tahoe Music

From String Quartets and 8-piece Bands, to Jazz Quartets and Dj Sets, Brian Hess and his team are able to craft the perfect blend of music for your wedding.



Brian Hess has performed all over the Tahoe/Truckee area, worked in public and private schools, taught private lessons, and continues to play an important musical role in his community. Well connected in the Tahoe area, as well as the SF Bay Area, he chooses only the top professional musicians to play with him. "I feel so honored to live in Tahoe and perform with the musicians I play with. I call them co-workers and bandmates, but also friends," he says. 

Brian started playing piano at age 7 and clarinet at age 10, picking up the saxophone in high school, and going on to study music at Sonoma State University. In college, he indulged in classes ranging from Indian Classical Singing to Bach Choir, Jazz Improvisation to Javanese Gamelan, and Recording and Computer Music Production. He has always improvised in his music and enjoys playing a "mash-up) of different styles. "For me, this keeps it fresh, while always remembering where the roots of the music came from."

For weddings, he plays the saxophone, piano, clarinet, flute, and turntables in styles including jazz, funk, sould, reggae, ska, Latin, hip-hop, and more. Brian Hess Music provides everything from duo groups to full bands and DJs with an eclectic taste. "I am involved in every aspect of the music I represent. In other words, when you hire me for an even, that is who you get."

Listen to clips of Brian Hess Music here