8 Ways to Look Great in Your Wedding Photos

Having a talented photographer on your side and having your hair and makeup professionally styled goes a long way towards making you look like the most photogenic person on earth. But, it’s the unfortunate truth that things aren’t always professionally lit and captured from just the right angle so, we asked some of our Tahoe Unveiled photographers to give us a few tips on how to look your best through the lens of a camera. Enjoy!


Pretend your 12 again and take some time to have a good ol’ fashioned ‘photo shoot’ in front of your mirror. Look at yourself from a variety of angles in different poses and decide how much to tilt your chin (usually, it’s up a few degrees more than feels natural), which side is your ‘best’ (often the side your hair parts on) and which stances look natural. Lastly, practice your smile and figure out where the line is between ‘smiling with your eyes’ and squinting as if you’re in the desert with no sunglasses.

2. POWDER YOUR NOSE Even if your striving for the ‘natural’ look, go a little beyond the every day when you’re doing your hair and makeup. In particular, pay special attention to your eyes as they are often the first thing people look at when viewing a photograph.

3. KNOW YOUR CLOTHES It goes without saying that when you know you’re going to be on camera you choose your most flattering outfit. But, make sure the ensemble you choose flatters from all 360 degrees and in a variety of poses. For guys, one trick is to casually unbutton your jacket, sports coat or tux when you put your arms around your groomsmen. This prevents your jacket from stretching and puckering in odd places making it appear too small.

4. WATCH YOUR HANDS Ever wonder what to do with those hands of yours? Try lightly closing your hands in a fist. It looks casual and it gives you that GQ style movie stars all seem to have. Gals, try placing a hand on your waist, it’ll attract attention to your little middle. Just remember to keep your fingers closer together rather than splayed out.

5. CANDID CAMERA The trick to that candid engagement and pre-wedding photos is to pretend there’s no camera. Goof off with your significant other and friends as you usually would and don’t worry about where to look. Your happiness and energy will come through in the photos.

6. TRY A TRIAL RUN Consider doing an engagement shoot. It’s the perfect opportunity for you and your photographer to get to know each other. You’ll also have the chance to critique what your love and don’t love about yourself on film. For more info on how engagement sessions can help, take a look at our previous post with Johnstone Studios.

7. FOREGO THE KISS Save the kiss for the ceremony. Instead, create a romantic feel by getting in close with your partner, eliminating space between you, and casually flirt with your eyes.

8. USE PROPS Think about getting some accessories such as top hats, masks or sunglasses to have on hand at your engagement session, bridal session, or even all around at the wedding to help people loosen up in photos.