Wow-worthy Inspo for a Wintery Lake Tahoe Wedding

Around this time last year, I received an invitation to a wedding, and I was ecstatic. Why? The destination: Montana. And then I got to the date: January.

January?! Montana?! Isn’t there snow and stuff at that time of year in that part of the country?!

Having only been to weddings between the months of May and September, I had no idea winter weddings were really that much of a thing. I didn’t know what the bride would wear, let alone I; all my go-to dresses lacked much substance in the sleeve-department.

But the bride didn’t wear an unflattering white ski suit, and the guests didn’t spend the entire ceremony shivering. The bride kept warm in a long, heavily-layered dress, covering her shoulders with a plaid woolen shawl, while the guests sipped hot drinks of their choice (why, hello, dearest Hot Toddy).

The day stands out in my mind more than any other wedding I’ve attended, and for that, I’m a winter wedding convert. As you pick the date for your Lake Tahoe wedding, don’t shy of the winter months. You and your guests will be pleasantly surprised.