Women in Business: Julia Szendrei Jewelry

One of the perks of doing what we do is rubbing shoulders with remarkable women, crushing it in their respective industries. One such woman who comes to mind is Julia Szendrei, the owner and artist of her namesake jewelry and the newest member of the Tahoe Unveiled Marketplace.

Being a fine artist by trade, she spent her early years’ painting, drawing, printmaking, and taking photographs. Then, in her mid 20’s she was introduced to lapidary, where she fully embraced the world of stones and metal. “Like so many of us who love climbing mountains and combing beaches, it’s deep within us to hold stones close to our heart. They bring us a sense of connection to the earth and are how we connect to the female spirit,” she explains. And Julia sure knows how to connect with the female spirit! With an adornment for color and stone, you can find anything from rose-cut gemstones to birthstones in her collection. Julia Szendrei Jewelry literally caters to every preference, making it the perfect intentional gift to give to your loved one this holiday.

But who is the woman behind the brand, how does she differentiate herself in this challenging industry, and where can you buy her jewelry? Let’s go find out! 

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur? 

I’d like to believe it was meant to be. I’ve been an artist since childhood, and it fits my personality to have the creative responsibility in its entirety. I love to work with others, don’t get me wrong, it lights me up, but I have one of those Manifesting Generators inside of me!

What challenges did you face along the way, and how did you overcome them?

I overcame many obstacles and have met some amazing artists along my way who’ve always given me good advice. Basically, my theory is that the test of time tells all. 

How do you differentiate yourself in this challenging industry?

It has been the hardest this year and last. Full throttle competition and confusion as an artist come naturally with that sort of thing (for me at least), so I try to stay centered and hone into what grabs my attention – color, gemstones, and creating beautiful things for people to enjoy!

What or who has been the most significant influence in your business and why?

My professors from college, to be truthful, I was schooled as a Fine Artist by trade, so there is a lot of rigor and alignment to identity and reason when you create anything, which is always at the back of my mind when I create new pieces and collections.

Do you listen to podcasts or read motivational books, and if so, which ones do you recommend?

Oh my gosh, yes! I find my job is the best for self-educating through audiobooks and podcasts. So, I’m actually a Psychology, Real Estate, and Economics lover, so here are my fave podcasts: Freakanomics, Bigger Pockets (I know it’s so taboo right now, but I love these stories of success!), The Happiness Lab, and Expanded by To Be Magnetic. My last few audiobooks were Essentialism, Traction, Loving What Is, and The Four Nobel Truths of Love.

What advice would you give to women who are interested in starting their own business?

There are no rules. Nothing. It’s all up for grabs; you just need enough momentum to burst through the atmosphere, and then you’re in orbit. So be true and follow your gusto, and what excites you, that feeling of love for what lights you up, is what powers the world!

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Julia Szendrei Jewelry