White Swimwear to Plunge into Your Lake Tahoe Wedding Weekend

What better way to plunge into your Lake Tahoe wedding weekend this summer than with one or two (or three, because you’re the bride and you can have whatever you want) white swimsuits?

To get into the wedding spirit in the days leading up to your special day, we’ve gathered our favorite white swimwear fit for every bride. They’ll look great on the beaches and docks of Lake Tahoe, and they’ll remind everyone that you’re the bride and this is your time to shine.

If you’re a boho bride, look for triangle bikini tops, or ’70s bandeaus and hip-hugging bottoms, preferably all crocheted and/or scalloped. If you’re a sporty, no-fuss bride, opt for a flattering one-piece. And if you’re more of the Indie type, look for bikinis with ruffles and cut-outs, or tops that are off-the-shoulder.

Just remember: tan lines are a thing! Choose your swimwear wisely.