White Bridesmaid Dresses Are Here To Stay

White bridesmaid dresses are here to stay! This trend started famously by Pippa Middleton at Kate and William’s royal wedding is still going strong. While originally thought to be taboo to have the ladies standing next to you wearing white as well, ever since Pippa Middleton wowed the world in that iconic white dress, brides can’t get enough of the white bridesmaid dresses. And for good reason! White looks beautiful, crisp and classic on everyone. This trend is especially flattering in the summer when the sun has tanned you and most of your bridesmaids (sorry to those blessed with perpetually pale skin, we recommend a spray tan). It gives you a clean canvas if you will and can really allow focus to be drawn to other aspects of your wedding such as the flowers or the backdrop. We also think white really pairs well with the natural backdrop of Lake Tahoe, the green of the trees and the blue of the lake with the white dresses is a winning combination.

If you’re worried about still standing out as a bride with your ladies in white, don’t worry we are here to tell you there are ways to make sure you as the bride still stand out. There are a few tricks to this but the biggest one is that contrast is key. The best way to do this is to pick dresses with different shape, length and fabric to yours. For example, If your dress is long and lacy make theirs solid and short. The similar yet different look is absolutely amazing together! Accessories are another way to distinguish the bride from the bridesmaids, floral crowns, headpieces or statement jewelry are ways to spice up your white dresses.

If you’re a bride that likes a clean, classic look, look no further than white bridesmaid dresses. White is forever, it will never go out of style and this trend definitely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.