Whimisical and Bright Granlibakken Wedding 

Maya and Dave’s wedding was all about being a kid again. They met while working at a summer camp and incorporated that vibe into their wedding day. Bright colors, bubbles, and fun were all a major part of their special day. Maya shared with us how they met and their inspiration behind their wedding day style. They also have the sweetest first look we have ever seen. Elizabeth Warrick captured their whimsical day.

Dave and I met while working together at a summer camp in 2008. We were both counselors at a camp that focuses on giving kids opportunities to be silly and transport themselves to other worlds. This meant that we often dressed up in character; as superheroes, witches and wizards, mermaids, trolls, and other storybook creatures. We fell in love at a camp in the woods that celebrates vibrant personalities, not taking yourself too seriously, larger than life imaginations, and impromptu dance parties, so it just made sense to throw a wedding that matched.

When asked what our wedding colors were, we told people “all the colors, think fiesta meets mad hatter’s tea party.” We wanted a whimsical feeling that was also eclectic and true to our personalities. We incorporated colorful yarn pompoms that were handmade by family throughout our floral arrangements, walked out of the ceremony through a tunnel of bubbles, and asked our guests to join us in a game of kickball on the morning of the wedding. Granlibakken was the perfect venue because we were able to stay on-site with all of our friends and family, reconnect with our loved ones, and pretend to be campers again.

Maya and Dave’s wedding day was the perfect blend of their love story and personalities. The bright colors and relaxed feel made their wedding the perfect day for them.