What to look for in a DJ

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Having trouble finding the right DJ for your wedding? We are here to help! Here is our advice for what to look for in your DJ. After a conversation with JAM, one thing became clear, communication is key. When looking for your DJ, you need to find someone who understands you and your partner as a couple, as well as their overall talent. To help you decide this, JAM does a 1-hour preliminary chat with their clients before they even book to make sure he and his team can serve their clients well. 

Think about the experience you want to create at your wedding, not just the playlist of songs. When you find a DJ who will chat with you and discuss the overall vibe of your wedding, you have found a vendor that truly cares about your day. You will want to find a DJ that fits in with the decor and overall experience you are trying to create for your wedding. Ask your DJ what their setup looks like. They may have their logo all over their setup, and that may not be what you are looking for. Remember that the music sets the environment of the wedding. Do you want more of a classy jazz or pop rager? These are important things to think about for your wedding and will highly influence your choice of DJ. Perhaps a live band is more your vibe, click here for our recommendations. 

 You will want a DJ who asks the hard questions that need to be known. Are there any touchy songs that you cannot stand, or remind you of a bad ex? You need to tell your DJ about those songs, so they don’t accidentally get put into the mix. Here is another way communication can help with your DJ hunt. If they are willing to have those conversations or facilitate those conversations, you know you have found a good one! 

In the case you do not have a planner, your DJ will be the one running point, although both Tahoe Unveiled and JAM recommend getting a planner (you can find our list here). You need to find an Emcee that can direct a room. Now with that being said, you must know that a DJ and an Emcee are not the same thing but can be the same person. A DJ will be the one mixing and making the music, and an Emcee is the one responsible for announcements and directions. Make sure when you are looking for a DJ, they either are also an Emcee or have one on your wedding day team. 

Be sure to ask about DJ add-ons. Some DJs have some pretty cool add-ons like with JAM you can add on a photo booth, Cold Sparklers and even a dance in the clouds. They can also offer some lighting options, like Jam has customizable uplights. The add-ons are the perfect way to set your wedding apart!