Wedding Planning Tips For The Introvert Bride

Planning a wedding is a fun and exciting time in the life of a bride. However, especially for someone with an introverted personality, it can be an intimidating time.This is because it demands much social interaction as well as the need for an abundance of decisions to be made.

By nature, introverts are people who enjoy keeping to themselves. They typically do not thrive on small talk or being the center of attention. They also can find much social interaction draining and they need to incorporate solitude into their days in order to feel energized, happy and fulfilled.

While introverts are probably used to living their lives in a distinct way, being a bride can interrupt their normal routines and can cause brides to dread certain tasks. Because we know this struggle can be very real for brides with this personality type, we’ve put together a list of tips for the introverted bride to use while wedding planning.

Hire a wedding planner or coordinator – if a bride has the financial means to hire a professional to help you plan your wedding, it’ll certainly take some of the pressure off of her as the bride. For an introvert, this will make a big difference as she’ll have one go-to point person to help when it comes to brainstorming ideas and making decisions. This will do wonders to relieve pressure, allowing a bride to enjoy the planning process more as a whole.

Schedule one-on-one vendor meetings – since meetings with a group of people tend to stress introverts out, setting up vendor meetings to be one-on-one instead is a good solution. It could also be helpful to meet with the vendor along with a bride’s fiance or a member of the bridal party to have a familiar face there, which could make it more comfortable.

Go into it with your thoughts organized – when an introverted bride is in meetings and making decisions surrounding her big day, it’s best to go into it with her thoughts organized and outlined. A bride always wants to ensure that vendors are getting the “big picture” in order to make their day everything that they envision. However, introverts can sometimes have a tough time speaking up or opposing what someone else is saying. For that reason, going into meetings with a list handy of all the important things to be touched upon will help everyone to stay on track.

Make some choices privately – when it comes to wedding planning, there are some decisions that can be made in the comfort of one’s own home by simply discussing them with their spouse-to-be. For instance, it’s easy to discuss some items that dictate how much of the “spotlight” will be on the bride during the big day. This includes things like whether or not there will be a head table, how much of the day will be shared on social media, and what she wants their wedding shower to be like if there will be one at all. This gets these choices out of the way in a way the bride is comfortable with making them, which is sure to relieve stress!

Planning a wedding as an introvert is definitely a different experience than it is for an extroverted bride. But that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult or any less fun! Following the tips listed above allows even the most introverted of brides to enjoy the experience as a whole.

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About the Author:
Shannon Lochwood currently lives in Southern California. She has a passion for weddings and loves to write about anything related to special “I do” moments. In her free time, she loves to hike and spend time with her family and her two lovely dogs.