Wedding Day Jewelry You Can Wear Again

Beyond the hunt for the perfect dress lies the pursuit of complimentary day-of jewelry. Let’s go beyond the engagement ring and get the skinny on what defines a bride’s wedding day style- how to select jewelry to compliment a bride’s style, gown, and engagement ring; and as importantly, jewelry that can be worn time and again. Jewelry is an important part of your bridal ensemble. As well as statement jewelry’s infinite classic look, a bold piece can also showcase a bride’s unique personality. There are many things to consider to ensure the jewelry is complimentary and not overpowering. Here are some things to consider:

What Necklaces Work For Your Dress:

With an off-the-shoulder or wide neckline, a statement necklace could be flattering. In contrast, a halter gown or one-shoulder gown is generally a statement in itself and likely wouldn’t benefit from a statement necklace.

Many gowns have embellishment at the waist or neckline, while not competing with the dress, opt for smaller statement earrings or a wedding band with a colored stone setting (think Emerald and Sapphire).

Statement Bridal Necklaces

How to Style Your Hair with A Statement Piece:

Tousled, beachy hair can hide earrings. Ensure you have an idea of your hairstyle for the day of before investing in jewelry for your day. Still set on earrings regardless? Longer earrings that shimmer through luscious locks are a flattering, option that deserves multiple wears in the future.

Blue Statement Earrings

Do Your Shoe Match:

With many brides wanting a less traditional shoe for the day of, ask yourself if your shoes are meant to be a statement piece or if you prefer your jewelry to be. If going with pink suede, embellished heels, for example, select jewelry that compliments without competing. Rose quartz gem, delicate long earrings or studs may be a match.

Jewelry That You Can Wear Again:

Pieces that are classic and timeless are such for a reason. While it may be tempting to pinch pennies and buy of lesser quality, these may chip and tarnish over time, thus making obsolete the idea of wearing again. When investing in jewelry to wear decades later, go for quality to begin with. Dainty and delicate pieces can be layered in with daily pieces for years to come.

Bridal Jewelry for Everyday Use

The Newage Band:

Gone are the days of matchy-matchy. While we still love the perfectly paired band and engagement ring, many brides are going for mismatched metals or varied stone settings. Think delicate, twisted rose gold engagement ring paired with a platinum band set with small diamonds.

Creative Wedding Bands

Bridal Party Jewelry:

Since we’re on the mismatching discussion here, a mishmash of styles and textures while maintaining a uniform aesthetic make for a well-styled bridal party while not taking away from the focus, the bride. Selecting jewelry to match your bridesmaids’ personalities is a great thank you gift.

Remember, your jewelry is meant to enhance your natural beauty and the gorgeous dress you selected. Choose jewelry that pairs well and allows you to still be the star. Lastly, use your fashion sense. Only you know yourself and what is most suiting, trust your gut.

Bridal Jewelry To Wear Everyday