Vintage Wedding Finds With Found Rentals 

Romantic couches, vintage bars, and distinctive tables are just a few of the custom creations that Found Rentals has to make all your Pinterest dreams come true. Found’s collection is rustic, yet modern with a classic feel. We are thrilled to welcome Found Vintage Rentals to the Tahoe Unveiled Family. Founder Jeni Maus shares what inspires her, why you should include their beautiful pieces at your wedding, and what draws her and her family to Lake Tahoe.

Jeni’s husband, a wedding photographer opened a photography studio in 2008, which Jeni has designed and decorated with beautiful Found pieces. A wedding planner came in one day to pick up an album for a client and inspired Jeni to rent out the items to brides for weddings and lucky for us – Found was born.

When a wedding planner came into the studio and asked if I rented out the furniture we decorated the studio with I was inspired. I went online and researched, and at the time there was not a single company renting out strictly vintage pieces. My hubby thought up the name, I bought the business license the same day. My husband contacted our friend who owns Wedding Chics to ask if they would want to feature my new company. The very first day it was featured I received nearly 50 emails! And Found Vintage Rentals was officially born.

I have always loved home design and decorating, even as a child my mom said I was always wanting to redecorate my room! I love that we are able to bring something different to the rental world by providing one of a kind pieces as well as custom designs that they can’t get elsewhere. I love that even for a short event, you can set up something beautiful for your guests to enjoy.

Wedding clients helped us create our client base. 45 out of the first 50 emails I received were for weddings! Over the years, we have increased our clientele to include corporate, tv, celebrities (woohoo!) and, so many other things that I never could have imagined when I first started Found.

We are now creating more custom pieces made specifically for our collection and I am having so much fun! I have always had so much fun scouring the globe for one of a kind pieces, (and always will) but the creating specifically for us is just as fun. I have to remember things have to be functional as well as beautiful, because “function” in the rental world is crucial, which is less important in an interior home setting. I am definitely trying to remember that through the process!

We always tell people to bring in pieces to their wedding that represent their style and personality. As Found has evolved over the years we have started bringing in more custom designed pieces and multiples that can accommodate an entire event.

Although we will always have our one of a kind vintage pieces, we want weddings to be filled with unique and different pieces than what is typically available in the rental world. Infusing personal style into your wedding only creates more of a personal experience for the bride and groom obviously, but also their guests that are there to celebrate them as well.

My biggest piece of advice when wedding planning would be to stay true to what you like and what you are drawn to. There are always going to be new styles, new designs, but follow your heart and your gut with what you love.

Lake Tahoe holds a special place in my heart. It is absolutely my heaven on earth. We started taking the kids up to Tahoe every summer for vacation about 12 years ago. On our very first trip I just fell in love. It is the one place that I am completely able to relax and vacation.

When we started going during the winter for skiing we decided we needed to look for a place up there. Every time we would spend time in Tahoe I would look at houses for sale. Last April, we found a home and purchased it immediately. We spent the next four to five months completely redoing every last detail of it and we are so happy to have it as a rental for other families to enjoy as well.

I am so inspired when I am there. My husband and I call it the best of both worlds since we can enjoy the mountains and the beach all in one day. We love the outdoors and the simplicity of lake life, and I definitely feel that Tahoe vibe is seen in some of my designs.

We absolutely adore the Found Rentals collection and urge you to stop whatever you are doing and head on over to their website to check out their stunning pieces.