Rise Floral
Floral Design
Creating mindful spaces with captivating color stories and a loving nod to nature. Rise Floral is a boutique floral design studio based in Northern California, specializing in thoughtfully curated weddings and events.

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      There is an authenticity to something that is wild, and I find myself continually drawn to the subtle variations and thoughtful placements of the natural world. Through organic composition and nuanced color pairing this inspiration is reflected in my designs, honoring an approach which values timelessness over trends. I believe that when chosen and arranged mindfully, flowers have the ability to shift us into the present moment, offering a space of expression and healing.

      In addition to seasonal foraging, my efforts to source the most captivating, delicate blooms are unwearied. I choose to support incredible local farmers throughout the region who practice sustainable growing, giving us access to better quality products and carrying out a commitment to be environmentally conscious. To keep our creations clean, alternatives to floral foam are used whenever possible. 

      I am incredibly honored to have clients who trust me with their unique visions, and I don’t take that lightly. My team and I work diligently to execute at the highest level with quality over quantity at the forefront, taking on a select amount of events each year so that I can be fully invested in each project. Honest and timely communication is at the core of my values and my goal is to make every client’s wedding day feel exactly like them. I consider every client a part of my family. I am here to celebrate love and of course, flowers! 

      Rise Floral is grateful to have been recognized by the following publications: The New York Times, People, Magnolia Rouge, Wedding Sparrow, Botanical Brouhaha and The Knot.


      I truly put my complete trust in Brooke, and I can’t recommend doing so enough. Anything that you think you want can’t possibly be as beautiful and authentic as what Brooke is able to envision and create for you. Just thinking about my bridal bouquet makes me tear up! Brooke pours so much love and care into her work, and it shows. Brooke is a complete joy to work with. I can’t recommend Rise Floral enough! Alexa
      Working with Brooke was the best decision I made for our wedding. Her talent, understanding, skill, and love for her craft shone through in every arrangement. Every guest was taking pictures of the flowers! Brooke is truly is such a gem. Her vision, creativity, and talent are inspirational. I have so much love for her. Natalie
      I can’t say enough good things about working with Brooke! The day-of flowers were stunning. Beyond her beautiful design work, Brooke is responsive, attentive and above anything else, she is extremely honest and forthright in dealing with her business. Amanda