Noisettes Mobile Kitchen
Noisettes Mobile Kitchen specializes in catering exceptional meals for weddings, welcome parties, rehearsal dinners and day after brunches, Noisettes is the perfect addition to your celebration.

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      Noisettes is two sisters, Mary and Michelle Sallah. Michelle is a chef who worked in restaurants and private homes in New York City and Los Angeles, CA, for almost 20 years until relocating to Grass Valley, CA in 2020. Mary was a pro snowboarder turned professional cook and small farm owner – she has been in and around Truckee, CA for more than a decade. The Sallah sisters are always inspired by working together – their creative energies blend to create wonderful menus inspired by the prolific agricultural community that surrounds them. Because of their extensive culinary background, they are as comfortable with casual meals as they are with fine dining – Mexican inspired, barbecue, even cold picnics. Noisettes mobile kitchen allows you to serve your guests an unforgettable meal anywhere.


      When we decided to get married in a very low-key backyard ceremony in 2017, I knew immediately I wanted Michelle and Mary to cook for our 100 guests.They agreed and began working with us right away. We wanted a laid back, family-style dinner and they had so many great ideas They leaned into the theme but also elevated what we were thinking, also sourcing locally and looking for what is in-season — something I appreciated wholeheartedly. We have since used them for a handful of our parties, including another backyard wedding for a friend. The food has always been incredible, but what I love most about these experiences is working with Michelle and Mary. They are the sweetest, most creative, diligent, earnest and open-to-ideas chefs I have ever met. Magnificent caterers in every aspect of the word and even better humans — I would recommend to anyone and everyone.