Jeramie Lu Photography
I am a professional wedding, commercial and portrait photographer! Although I live in the Reno/Tahoe area I photograph weddings all over the world with an emphasis on forced candids and epic classic images that will stand the test of time!

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      Jeramie Lu Photography was voted Best Photographer of Reno 2021 & 2023 – Reno Gazette Journal

      Jeramie Lu Photography was voted Best Photographer of Reno 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2022 & 2023 – Reno News and Review

      Jeramie Lu Photography was voted Best Visual Artist of Reno 2013, 2014 & 2015 – Reno News and Review

      Jeramie Lu Photography was voted Best Photographer of Lake Tahoe 2013 – Tahoe Daily Tribune

      “You made it! I told you I would talk about me!

      Welcome to me. Photographer, father, husband, creator, dreamer and educator. I feel everything happens for a reason and everything you do leads you to where you should be. This is what I do and this is my life. This is my love. This is my passion.

      Born and raised in Sparks, Nevada with only a dozen pictures from my childhood. Somewhere along the way from birth to having a family of my own, all of my childhood memories were just that… memories. Photographs and videos now in the possession of strangers through a string of unfortunate actions I most likely will never see again. I think about this daily and strive to have my girls never experience this ever!

      As my wife and I anticipated the arrival of our baby girl I was determined to capture every beautiful moment of her life for her to relive with her family one day. Little did I know that was the start of my photography career.

      My first career as a massage therapist let me feel for the compassion of people. Not only was I healing them but I was listening to them as they told me their deepest emotions… But after the session… they were just like strangers again. I found that with photography I could get to know people and at the same time capture those emotions through images. The images would produce emotions and memoires that would otherwise be forgotten. Being able to translate feeling into image is and will always be my lifelong goal. The right question will spark the light through any person.

      The transition from being a massage therapist to becoming a photography was scary. One day I know my life needed to change and I needed to follow my passion. I retired from massage and went full force into photography. In the years to come I found myself creating image not only for my clients, but for myself as well. Rewarding is the best word for my life now. But I needed more.

      In 2013 I opened a membership based photography studio by the name of Hatch. This studio was built to bring our separate photography community together. Living with the motto of #communityovercompetition.

      I am ego-less. I listen. I create. I learn. The more people I can meet and capture, the more fulfilled I will be. I am not only your photographer, but a friend.


      Jeramie Lu has been shooting my family photos for years. It wasn't until I got engaged and hired a photographer in the state I live in to take my engagement photos instead of Jeramie.. she did okay but there is no comparison to Jeramie Lu. My Fiancé at the time didn't understand my frustration with the other photographer, until we hired Jeramie to shoot our wedding. My husband now says we will never go to any other photographer. Jeramie's personality lights up a room and really makes taking thousands of pictures feel effortless. His eye for detail in a photo is such a beautiful art. Jeramie thank you so much for capturing the best day of our lives. Looking back through the photos makes me want to relive those moments over and over again. Thank you! You are hands down an amazing person and photographer! Ashley and Jeff
      One of the most important things to my Husband and I when we first started wedding planning was to find the most top-notch photographer. I asked a good friend, who is also a wonderful photographer, who she would recommend, and she mentioned Jeramie Lu would be awesome for our wedding. Throughout the wedding process and chatting with multiple vendors, Jeramie's name was constantly brought up as a source of connection. Not only did he take the most beautiful wedding photos but his leadership in helping coordinate the day of, his connection with my guests and our vendors, and the encouragement and support through the entire wedding process is more than what we could have asked for. Considering a photographer like Jeramie is well worth the cost. He captured the moments we wanted to last forever, so well, that we can. Thank you, Jeramie! I'm not sure what the rest of 2021 will look like but I know that Ali will be there, down for the adventure, to capture whatever we decide. Being a Queer couple in the wedding process was unnerving but Ali was so freaking thoughtful every step of the way. Do yourself a favor and have this lady capture your special moments. You won't regret it!!” Hannah and Tommy
      There are too many good things to say about Jeramie and his photography! First, Jeramie (the person) is incredible. He's gracious, patient, organized, kind, and hilarious. We hired him for engagement photos after meeting him at a company holiday party where he stole the show. The pictures turned out amazing and Jeramie made the process easy and enjoyable! We then promptly hired him for our wedding. Throughout both processes, Jeramie was communicative and patient with us. He was also very generous, trickling in little personal gifts and surprises along the way, making everything exciting and adding a very human touch to our stress-filled wedding planning. He was also willing to travel to our wedding venue in Monterey (through a snowstorm as it turns out) in order to make our day perfect. We truly couldn't appreciate him more! As a photographer, Jeramie is professional, detail oriented, highly skilled, and has an important and uncanny knack for making the subject of the shot feel at ease and natural. As people who don't love getting our photos taken, this was really critical for us, and something that we didn't ever really consider. He has a natural ability to make things fun and relaxed, which comes through in his shots. He also captures the unique style of his subjects-we were completely blown away by how perfectly and uniquely "us" our photos turned out. Jeramie was integral in helping us carve out our wedding timeline (beyond just the photo shoots) and he coordinated behind the scenes with our day-of coordinator and other vendors to ensure that things went off as smoothly as possible (which they did!). Both our day-of coordinator and hair and makeup team went out of their way to tell us how amazing Jeramie was as a photographer and to work with-both industry professionals expressed that they had never had a photographer be so engaged with the entire vendor team, reaching out to sync with everyone ahead of time and seeing what they needed so that they day would be seamless. He also worked with us to create a custom photo package that fit our budget, and was very helpful and flexible every step of the way! Most importantly, the photos look incredible! We couldn't be happier with the way he captured our unique style and the sweet, intimate and special moments of our wedding. He does a hugely impressive job of blending staged photos that look like something out of a beautiful film, with candid photos of speeches, dancing, drinking, and laughing throughout the event, always with the perfect lighting, and making the subject look like a model. Simply put, Jeramie is the complete package! Stop your search and hire him immediately for your wedding, engagement photos, or any other event/occasion. Booking Jeramie Lu is the best decision we could have made for our wedding! Hanna and Ian
      If I could give Jeramie 10 stars I would! Where to begin, well Jeramie has been doing some family photos for me, for a couple of years and I fell in love with the amount of fun he generates during a photoshoot, it becomes an experience! So naturally when I got engaged, and began planning my wedding, he was the first person I called! I booked my wedding out of town at a venue that Jeramie had never been to before, and all I can say is WOW !! I would have never known he had never shot at this venue before his true talent and being able to adapt to any environment he is in is amazing. The morning of my wedding, Jeramie arrived at the house the bridal party was getting ready in and he immediately walked up stairs gave me a hug and asked me what I needed, he then preceded to go down stairs and get me a glass of champagne. He genuinely cares about his clients, and he immediately sets the tone for the day! Instantly I steadied and my nerves faded, I felt so relieved he was there, and I could take a backseat and trust him, because I knew he had it all under control. Jeramie was so much more than the photographer he worked closely with my wedding coordinator and videographer to make everything flow smoothly. He has a true gift at bringing joy, love, and laughter to everyone he encounters! The whole day he told me when and where I needed to be, I never had to tell him Jeramie I need a picture of that, he just knew and did it. THIS MAN IS TRULY THE WHOLE PACKAGE AND SO MUCH MORE!!!! Even my husband who hates taking photos, and always does that "fake smile" had a truly genuine smile in every photo, because Jeramie just made him feel so comfortable and at easy. He also does a pretty amazing surprise at the wedding, and I don't want to ruin it, but let me tell you my guests were amazed and would not stop singing his praises because of it!!!!! He is worth every fricken penny, being able to hand this stress over to someone you can trust, to do the job right should be your top priority! I am so thankful he went through this day with me, I genuinely could not have done it without him! Lauren and Kevin