Flaminkko Designs
Invitations & Signage
Flaminkko Designs offers custom day of signage. From seating charts to table numbers, and everything in between, we want your one of a kind custom pieces to help make your event a time people remember forever.

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      I’m Maeko and I’m the sole creator behind all things Flaminkko Designs. When I’m not out exploring all the beauty that Tahoe has to offer, you can find me curled up on the couch with a cup of tea or sitting at my studio desk under a skylight sketching out new ideas or projects in the works. My calligraphy journey started in 2015 and it was an art form I just couldn’t get enough of. Its versatility and timelessness set it apart from traditional signage and it’s wonderful to see how much joy it can bring to someone’s life. I love creating art that people can cherish for years to come. 

      I’ve always believed that the celebration of love in the form of weddings is magical. I’m enamored with the intimate and elegant qualities of a wedding and I love creating calligraphy pieces that express that elegance. Nothing brings me greater joy than helping to bring a custom idea to life. From seating charts to welcome signs to place cards and table numbers, I want to create pieces of art that will make your wedding or special event sparkle. I adore the subtle imperfections inherent to hand-lettered signs — each piece is unique and one of a kind. I can appreciate that there is plenty to do when it comes to planning a wedding or special event, and that’s why I strive to make the client experience personalized, easy, and transparent. If you can dream it, I want to help make it happen.