Corey Fox Photography

Corey Fox is a Lake Tahoe based wedding and portrait photographer. His background in performance gives him a unique perspective on photographing people and capturing real moments.

United States

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Corey Fox spent his early adulthood working as a performer, traveling often, and capturing life experiences with his camera. He has spent the last six years working as an acrobatic artist for such world renowned shows as Le Reve and Cirque Du Soleil’s The Beatles Love. Constantly surrounded by creative people and the arts, his inspiration for photography has thrived and given him a unique perspective on photographing people.

Portrait and Wedding photography quickly became his passion in this field. What started as a fun side gig, quickly turned into a full-time professional career. His consistent high work ethic is what keeps his clients coming back and new clients finding relief that they hired the right photographer for them.

Each client has a special place in his heart.  It is his hope that this comes across visually.

“I am inspired by love. We are all such beautiful and pure beings at the very inner depths of our core. There is no greater a presence of this than when we find love. I love that I am given the opportunity to capture love with my camera. I look forward to being a part of your journey.”  -Corey Fox