Dax Victorino Films


Dax Victorino Films produces beautifully-shot, people-centric, thoughtfully-designed wedding films through a comfortable, reliable, non-intrusive experience.



Dax and Pao Victorino are the filmmakers and travel-obsessed couple behind Dax Victorino Films (DVF). DVF specializes in producing beautifully-shot, people-centric, thoughtfully-designed wedding films while providing a comfortable, reliable, non-intrusive experience.

As Chief Filmmaker (and Lead Goofball), Dax's job is to make couples super comfortable and make everything naturally epic on camera. Among his superpowers are aerial filming, creative video portrait sessions, dynamic storytelling, and musicality.

Pao, as Creative Director (and Resident Ninja) at DVF, captures all your candid (read: unmanufactured) moments - beautifully and thoughtfully. Her superpowers are stealth + detail filming, design, illustration, painting, client care, and being Type A.

Together, Dax and Pao love understanding their couples before working together, valuing experiences over things, and keeping a sense of humor. What they don't love: treating couples as a transaction, half-assing things, or copying others' work. 

DVF has produced over 150 wedding films, winning awards from Conde Nast's "Shorties" and Wedding & Portrait Photography International, and has been featured on CN Traveler, Style Me Pretty, LoveStoriesTV, and Carats & Cake.

Click on the gallery above or visit the DVF YouTube channel to see wedding films by Dax Victorino Films.


“They are so easy going, friendly and beyond talented. They made us feel so comfortable like we were being filmed by friends we’ve known for years!” 

  • Jessica, a DVF Bride

“I never thought I would come out of my wedding day wanting to be best friends with our videographers!

They’re so genuine and sweet. Their energy is so mellow and calm, which is exactly what you need on your wedding day. We were really nervous about having photographers and videographers in our face all day because, like most people, we’re not used to that. They have a way of sinking into the background yet still manage to get most epic footage.” 

  • Allie, a DVF Bride 

“Their films speak for themselves, but what you don’t know is how amazing they are to work with. 

They make you feel comfortable, give direction, and keep your laughing throughout the process. My husband and I absolutely LOVE Dax and Pao…They are truly gifted, love what they do, care about the bride and groom and are two of the nicest people we have ever met. 

If you want an amazing videographer, this is your team!!! You will be so happy you made the decision to work with them.” 

  • Lauren, a DVF Bride

“Dax and Pao made us feel at ease. We didn’t feel like we’re just a number - they were just as excited as we were for our wedding! 

A  wedding only happens once-in-a-lifetime, and we felt Dax and Pao sincerely treated our wedding with importance. We went with them for their talent, their character, and how they take care of their clients.”

  • Gary, a DVF Groom