Vegetable Wedding Decor: The Fall Trend We Can't get Enough Of 

Delicious and nutritious we cannot get over these vegetable wedding décor ideas. With the farm to table movement sweeping the wedding scene, vegetable décor is something we can get on board with. With the plethora of colors, shapes and sizes vegetables come in we are certain there are some that will work for you. Whether it is a carrot bouquet or a radish centerpiece vegetables are creative and fun! We are all for making your wedding as sustainable and as ecofriendly as possible and the great thing about using vegetables in your décor is that nothing is wasted and you can cook them up and eat them the next day!

The rustic mountain theme is one we think works extremely well in the Lake Tahoe area. We have seen an increase of ceremonies with big gorgeous farm tables and family style meals. The farm to table look is not only supporting local farmers and businesses, it’s also giving you and your guests the freshest, best quality food in the area. Showcase local food with complementary vegetable designs! Maybe it’s just us with holiday food on our mind, but we are loving the vegetable décor. Still not convinced? View the gallery below for some delicious inspiration!