Unique Rings to Match Your Unique Tahoe Wedding

Growing up, I always admired my mother’s large, jade and gold engagement ring. It was so unique and fit her personality more than a traditional setting or stone. That’s really what an engagement ring should represent: the wearer. After all, you’re saying yes to a life time with it!

Here is a round-up of some amazing jewelers who are creating outside of tradition:

Trumpet and Horn

Trumpet & Horn is a family passionate about finding vintage engagement rings that tell a history in the modern world. Find more inspiration at trumpetandhorn.com.

Point No Point Studio

Their jewelry is an alternative to the traditional approach of wedding jewelry. Each one is un altered or treated and maintain the natural colors and unique characteristics of the diamond given to it by mother nature. Each piece of jewelry is meticulously hand-crafted with the highest quality conflict-free diamonds as well as eco friendly recycled metals. See more of their rings at pointnopointstudio.com.

Bario Neal

Bario Neal is an industry leader in ethical sourcing and progressive manufacturing, known for its design sensibility and high-quality, handcrafted work. A belief in the right to love and marry whoever and however you choose is one of the core principles of Bario Neal’s jewelry. Find more Bario Neal jewelry at bario-neal.com.

Bario Neal Unique Opal and Pearl Engagement Ring

Global Pathways

Global Pathways has been providing quality jewelry to Burlington, Vermont since 1996. Traditional techniques, authentic materials, and an amazing selection of collectible minerals make their engagement rings unforgettable. Visit their Instagram for updates on their unique designs: @globalpathways.