Two is Better Than One: Two Piece Wedding Dresses We Love

With the bohemian movement and the inspiration from events such as Coachella we are seeing in weddings, one trend we can’t get enough of is two piece wedding dresses. Whether its crop tops or wedding skirts, we are obsessed with the new possibilities this style brings.

If you are a nontraditional bride and the idea of a traditional wedding dress bores you, these two piece wedding gowns are for you. Wedding skirts are also a way to add color into your wedding dress if you feel an all-white gown isn’t the look you are going for. We are especially loving the colors; light blue, pink and grey incorporated into your dress. Use this as an opportunity to tie your dress into your flowers and wedding color palette.

Crop tops are a way for you to get a little playful with your dress. Whether its lace, silk, cotton or beaded, have fun with your crop top selection. Crop tops can lighten the mood and can dress down your look if you are going for a more casual beach or mountain vibe. One trend we are seeing is the switching of tops from wedding ceremony to reception. Who needs a shawl, just switch from a tank top crop top to a long sleeve one for night if you are worried about those cold Tahoe nights.

By the looks of things two piece wedding dresses are here to stay, and we aren’t mad about it. They pair perfectly with a wedding by the lake and a good summer tan!