Trending: Tahoe Blue from Theoni Collection 

Theoni Collection offers an artful selection of hand-sourced furniture, event decor and tabletop accessories that inspire creativity and elevate your wedding experience. Their collections are elegantly selected to create an unforgettable wedding for you and your guests. We love their unique pieces, timeless style and their commitment to delivering an inventory of high-quality,beautiful items.

We collaborated with Theoni on one of our favorite topics, – the incredible, varying blue tones of Lake Tahoe. Inspired by the stunning hues of Tahoe, Theoni Collection has compiled varying shades of blue, alongside their classic tableware, chairs and beautiful furniture to help compliment a picture-perfect Tahoe wedding.

One of our favorite and timeless wedding rental trends is creatively pulling inspiration from the colors from the natural world on your wedding day. When surrounded by the forest, use the tones of trees and wood to find your palette. When surrounded by Tahoe blue, dive into the colors of water to find inspiration.

Whether deep like Tahoe or soft like cornflower, we love the trend of using blue in a wedding design. With a cool and calming effect on both you and your guests, blue also symbolizes loyalty, strength, and trust–the perfect attributes for the start of a union.

Not only does blue play well with other colors, it can also stand out as bold accent that’s not too bright or harsh in photos, but deep and soothing to the eye. There are a variety of ways to integrate blue into your design: a soft linen accent, a bold chair selection, a china pattern or accent water glass, or clean white and soft colors on top a sea of blue with the shimmering lake in the background.

The Theoni pieces above are inspired by the deep, crystal blues of the West Shore and the stunning teal of Sand Harbor and the East Shore, mixed in with the glittering gold of the many beaches and piercing blue of the Tahoe sky. You can’t help but fall completely in love with Theoni Collection; and we hope that some of their collection will help inspire the planning of your Tahoe wedding.

The color blue symbolizes trust, faith, truth, wisdom and loyalty. It is associated with tranquility and calmness. All of these qualities help make a marriage a loving and committed lifelong union. Adding them throughout your wedding will not only add the amazing hues of Tahoe to your wedding, but a lifetime full of happiness, love and a lot of Theoni-inspired beauty!