Top Seven Tips for Tahoe Beach Weddings.

Blue Sky Events seeks to bring people together by creating unique, unforgettable moments. Whether it’s a festival with thousands of attendees, a curated corporate retreat, or an intimate wedding on the beach of Tahoe, They are committed to coordinating inclusive events that go beyond your dreams. The lovely ladies of Blue Sky Events took the time to give their expert advice on how to do your Tahoe beach wedding right. Here is their top Seven tips for a beach wedding.

Tip #1

Keep it casual!

There is nothing worse than sitting in the sun in a full suit or and all black dress. Let your guests know that the ceremony and/or reception will be on the beach, so they should dress accordingly. This could be adding it into your invite and/or Website with a friendly note that lets the guests know to wear shorts and sandals instead of suits and heels.

Now for you and your wedding party attire, try to be reasonable about the Tahoe Heat and sand. Find lighter colored suits, no veil or short veils (or you can add weights to the bottom of your veil), longer dresses for ladies (it can be very windy up in Tahoe), find flats or wedge heels, brown shoes for guys (black tux shoes show dirt/sand real bad)! Make sure that you and your crew are as comfortable as you can be on the Tahoe beaches.

Tip #2

Keep it simple for decor.

Tahoe is an Iconic place to get married with it gorgeous views and fantastic locations. You won’t want to try to compete with that background. So keep your decor simple, you can do small floral pieces or just an arch. One thing we at Tahoe Unveiled have been seeing is the ‘ground floral arches’ that is always a fun way to have a beautiful addition to the backdrop that Tahoe offers. But you must remember that it gets HOT on the beaches in summer so you will need to be careful with choosing to put out lots of flowers cause they will wilt in the summer sun.

Tip #3

Booking a ceremony location.

Tahoe is an ever growing travel destination, with that making it a huge wedding location. One mistake we see often is couples wanting to save some money and not booking a venue or private beach, then showing up to their desired location full of people. Blue Sky Events is so excited to announce their partnership with The Arch and premier wedding location directly on the beach of Lake Tahoe! Booking a Venue like The Arch is the best way to insure your wedding is a private event for you, your partner and your guests.

Tip #4

Sound systems are important!

imagine you are sitting at your close friends wedding enjoying the view and celebrating their love, and when the lovely bride gets up to the alter you cannot hear a single thing anyone up there is saying. When that happens it is such a downer of the entire wedding that that is the only thing that guest are thinking about after the event. One way that Blue Sky Events suggests that can be fixed is to have handheld mics and sound systems so that everyone can hear your ceremony without any hiccups.

Tip #5

Sun protection is so important!

Because Tahoe is high in elevation it is a lot easier to get sunburned. It is very important to remind your guest to drink lots and lots of water and put on sun screen. You can also provide lots of things that can help like, a water stations when your guests arrive to make sure your guests do not get dehydrated. You can also provide a sun screen and sun glasses station for the guests to use, you can also get personalized sunglasses as favors for your guests. Blue Sky Events last suggestion is to give your guests parasols to provide a little bit of shade for your guests and the people around them.

Tip #6

Be prepared for the weather! Stay flexible

In the last few years Blue Sky Events and all of Tahoe locals have had to learn how to be flexible. Sometimes you never know what Tahoe weather is going to throw at you. In the event of a natural curve ball Blue Sky Events encourages couples to think about a plan B option, like an indoor location. Always ask your planner and your venue what their plan B, in the event of weather, option is. In light of the recent fires please be respectful to Tahoe by making smart choices in regards to fire pits and smoking.

Photos by Shaunte Dittmar Photography

Tip #7

Please provide transportation

Some of these locations are hard to get to or have very limited parking. Your guests will be thanking you so much for providing transportation to and from your wedding. Tahoe has lots of different transportation options for you to provide for your guests. There is not enough Ubers to accommodate an entire wedding in Tahoe so Blue Sky Events suggests going with a local transportation Company to get your guests to your ceremony and reception sites.