5 Reasons to Book the Wild Goose II with Grand Tahoe Charters

“There’s just something special about cruising in a nice wooden boat on a beautiful lake; it’s tough not to have a good time,” Matt Johnson, owner of Grand Tahoe Charters, said. And we can’t help but agree, especially if you are on board a 36-foot grand craft commuter boat reminiscent of the original wooden boat era. The boat we’re referring to is none other than the legendary Wild Goose II, known for its timeless design and variety of cruise options. Here are five reasons we think you should book a cruise with the Goose!

1. The perfect little getaway

Need a short break from everyday life? The Wild Goose II offers the perfect little getaway with your besties. While soaking in the Tahoe sun is a definite must, you can also indulge in a handful of great restaurants and picnic spots on the way!

2. Arriving in style

Can you think of a better way to arrive at your lakefront wedding than on a boat? Because honestly, we can’t! The Goose can comfortably accommodate up to 12 passengers, so there is plenty of room for your wedding party to join!

3. Sunset Cruise

Picture this: The wind blowing through your hair, your favorite cocktail in your hand while the sun slowly sets in the background. Now, this is what we call the perfect ending to any day! Hashtag bliss.

4. Swoonworthy photos

The Wild Goose II makes the perfect backdrop for your proposal, wedding portraits, and everything in between. Don’t believe us? Check out this gorgeous, intimate wedding near Sand Harbor!

5. Tour of the Lake

Want to get to know Tahoe up close and personal? Then a tour of the lake is definitely the way to go! Whether you want to take a trip to Emerald Bay or explore the west shore, the friendly and knowledgeable crew at Grand Tahoe Charters has got you covered. The only thing you have to do is sit back and take in the stunning deep blue waters of one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in the world!

Interested in booking a cruise with Grand Tahoe Charters? Get to know them here!

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