Top 4 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding in Lake Tahoe

While choosing a winter wedding date can sound like a chilly choice, we are here to tell you a snowy wedding is pretty much the best. While their might be a few minutes of braving the elements, it will be well worth it to take full advantage of the natural beauty winter has to offer. Here are a few things to consider to help you plan your perfect winter day.


A winter wedding means colder weather and colder weather is the perfect excuse to accessorize. What better way to stay comfortable and warm than with a cozy wrap. Some of our favorite winter wraps include fur or faux fur, knitted cardigans or pashminas and anything leather. Wraps are also a great way to match with your bridesmaids and tie your wedding party together.

Winter Flower Arrangements

Having a winter wedding means you get to take advantage of the beautiful and different foliage that grows in winter. Having a wedding in the mountains? Have a look at the trees around you and incorporate them into your floral arrangements. Winter also means berries, holly, pinecones and various other different plants to get creative with. These are not only great for bouquets but table centerpieces as well.

Winter Colors

Winter weddings provide the perfect opportunity to play with winter colors and get creative with your wedding color scheme. Wanting to stray away from the traditional white wedding dress? Let your wedding dress stand out against the snow by choosing a nontraditional color such as grey or blue. The natural darker light of winter is also the perfect chance to incorporate these unique colors into your bridesmaid dresses, table decorations and even your cake.


If you’re having a winter wedding chances are you are a lover of snow so why not incorporate it as much as you can into your wedding! If the weather is too much to have your ceremony outside, consider taking first look photos out in the fresh snow or meeting your wedding party for some photos outside after.