Tips For Writing Your Own Vows 

Want to write your own vows but feeling intimidated or like you don’t know where to start? Here are our tips for expressing your love.

Planning a wedding can easily get overwhelming, and writing your vows can easily get pushed till the last minute. However, your vows deserve as much attention as any other part of your wedding planning. Not only is this a chance to express your feelings to your partner, but it’s a chance to do so in front of those who you both care about most. Writing your own vows rather than sticking to traditional phrases is a way to let your personality shine through and a way to acknowledge the love you have for your significant other. They say love is in the little things and by writing your own vows you can acknowledge the details and the inside jokes and the memories you have shared together.

If you are stuck as to where to start writing your vows, start with why you have decided to marry your partner. Writing things down and visualizing is always helpful so make a list of the 10 reasons why you love them. Take it back to the early days of when you started dating and how you knew they were the one. Next, think about yourself and what you will bring to your marriage. What promises can you make to him? It might be something small, like making him a coffee every morning, or something bigger like supporting him unconditionally every day. When writing vows remember to include words that symbolize longevity of your relationship, such as forever and always. While humor and comedy are always a crowd pleaser, and it is sometimes easy to resort to humor when you get nervous, remember that it is your wedding day, not a comedy act.

If you suffer from stage fright try writing your vows at least a month before your wedding. This will give you a chance to practice and polish your speech. Practicing it in front of a mirror or even friends is a great way as well to make you feel more comfortable for when the time comes to say it in front of your guests.

Lastly, you and your partner have to decide if you want to share your vows with each other before the ceremony. It can be very romantic and intimate to share your vows just the two of you before the ceremony and can also help nix any last minute nerves knowing exactly what each of you will say in the ceremony.

While your guests might not remember every word you say, chances are your partner will. Vows are a beautiful way to express just how much you love and cherish your partner and how much you want to marry them!