Tips for Nailing your Tahoe Engagement Photos 

Engagement season is upon us! But don’t worry we have tips to help you nail your Lake Tahoe engagement photo shoot. Whether you are already engaged, or think it may be happening soon we are here to tell you autumn in Tahoe is ideal engagement photo shoot time. The Lake is calm, the trees are changing colors and the air is a bit cooler which means you can have fun with your photo shoot attire without worrying about the heat. Here are some tips to keep in mind before booking your upcoming photo shoot!

First and foremost remember that this is supposed to be fun. You guys are engaged! If you can, set aside an entire day for it and turn it into a date day to celebrate your engagement and spend time as a couple. Secondly wear something you’re comfortable in. You have probably heard this before but if you feel comfortable and feel like yourself you are naturally going to be more relaxed. If you wear something too tight you’re going to spend your entire day worrying about it or hiding from the camera and your photos are going to look forced and uncomfortable. Also think about how your outfit will look on camera, pick colors that look good on you and flow nicely. Also think about what you want from your photos, do you want a more formal look; dress and boots? Or are you going for a more casual outdoor vibe, jeans and a nice top? Also consider what your partner is wearing, we aren’t saying you have to match, but your outfits should complement each other.

Next, location is key, before you book your photo shoot think of where you want to have your photos taken. Think about what you like to do as a couple and try and pick a place that reflects that. If you love spending time by the lake head to your favorite beach or if you love hiking take some pictures in the woods or in one of the many meadows around Lake Tahoe. Don’t be afraid to use multiple locations as well! Also consider lighting and the sun when you schedule your photo shoot, golden hour (the time of day before sunset) or early morning are ideal for soft lighting. Midday and early afternoon may sound like a perfect time, however keep in mind that the sun is directly overhead at that time of the day and can be very harsh in photos. September and October in Tahoe start to see shorter days so make sure to factor that in as well when you book your session.

Finally try and forget that the photographer is there and just enjoy each other’s company. While it can be nerve racking to be in front of a camera try and just be in the moment and focus on your partner! And when in doubt, kiss! The best photos are raw and real. Remember just to be yourself and we are sure you will end up with photos you’ll cherish for forever.