Tips for an Amazing Engagement Shoot

Now that you’ve had time to admire your sparkly hardware from all angles and show it off to your loved ones, it’s time to start thinking about engagement photos. While you may not have set a date, thought about wedding details, or considered your wedding party, that’s absolutely ok. Engagement photos are your opportunity to savor and enjoy your time as a fiancée and celebrate your love and future commitment. Likely this is your first time being professionally photographed with your love and it is one of the most intimate ways to document this special period in your lives.

Some of you may be reading and considering if engagement photos are really worth it to you. If you’re on the fence take a moment to consider the lasting effect these photos will have. While this photos are for you as a couple they can also be incorporated into your wedding website and invitations. They are a way to tell your love story and show who you are as a couple. This is a great way for your photographer to get to know you as a couple before the big day.

Now that we have convinced you, here are a few tips we have gathered to make sure you get everything you want and more out of your engagement shoot.


While this seems simple, it actually sets the theme for your look. And make sure you dress to match your setting. By creating a cohesive story the attention is drawn to you and if you dress to compliment your background the photos will look more put together. Be mindful of changing weather patterns. Lake Tahoe is notorious for random snowfall and if the possibility of shooting in the snow doesn’t excite you, have alternate plans in mind to move to an indoor setting by a cozy fireplace.

Be Yourself

Nothing is worse than feeling uncomfortable as someone takes a lot of photos of you. It will not only distract you from the fun time you are meant to be having but it will also show up in your photos. Just because you are getting your picture taken does not mean you have to try and look like someone else. Be you! Dress in something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.


Nervous for your shoot? Pop some bubbly! Mix up a cocktail (or two), you’ll be more relaxed for your photos and you may get that perfect candid of you pouring the champagne that you swoon over. But most importantly remember that this is meant to be fun!

Touchy Feely

This is your engagement session after all! Go ahead and kiss, snuggle, embrace. Capture that rolling around on a picnic blanket in a meadow vibe! Above all, be yourselves and allow yourselves to show your love and connection. Remember, these photos are your time to celebrate this brief period of life before your ceremony. Enjoy being engaged and spending intimate time with your partner.

Bold Colors

Bold colors are the new black and do not be afraid to get a bit colorful! Do you have a favorite pair of sapphire blue heels for your wedding day selected already? Consider wearing these with a neutral colored outfit for your engagement photos. Ladies, this goes for your guy too. A few outfit changes may be in order in which case, give him a chance to shine with a bright pop while you wear a more basic color palette for a few frames.


While you’ll want to bring a few outfit changes for you and your partner (guys, at least a few shirt options here), you’ll want to be open to mother nature’s mood swings too. Have alternatives handy on the off-chance that you aren’t able to get your dream location outside.

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