Thoughtful Thank You Gifts for Your Mom and Dad

Your parents have been there from the beginning, loving you unconditionally and answering your hysterical middle-of-the-night calls from your first-year dorm room. As your day arrives, consider a sentimental gift for your parents to thank them for their constant love. There are so many ways to customize a gift for your parents, if you’re stumped for ideas, consider some of these ideas to get the wheels turning.

  • Plan ahead to have your videographer film a heartfelt thank you.
  • Have your photographer take some family portraits at the wedding to frame and gift at a later date. Everyone will be dressed to the nines and beaming with joy- what a perfect time to capture the whole crew.
  • Did you register for gifts with your Mom’s help? Maybe she mentioned a few items she wished she’d have registered for. Surprise her with a thoughtful gift.
  • Name a cocktail after them at the reception and put a cute description with it. For example, for muddled strawberries and gin, write a token to picking strawberries with your dad every summer.
  • Surprise your parents with a weekend to a romantic resort. While your wedding was a truly notable moment in your life, it was likely the same for your parents. They may need a little rest and relaxation just as much as you and your hunny do. If your parents are close with your new in-laws, send them away together!
  • Likely you’re not wearing your Mom’s bridal gown. Incorporate a piece of her gown into your bouquet or add a photo of your parent’s on their wedding day to a small locket wrapped in satin around your bouquet.
  • Maybe mamacita isn’t a fan of you cutting up her wedding dress. Put it on a canvas dress mannequin as a display in the reception area or near the gift table. Better yet, add grandmother’s too if you have access to it!
  • Express your gratitude at a hosted family dinner after the wedding. Make special family recipes and add some of your own from your new family unit.
  • Help Dad remodel that old bathroom he’s been dying to demo. Maybe he put some sweat and labor into building your altar or bench seating for the wedding, it’s time to pay it forward with a little sweat equity yourself.
  • Send a handwritten card. In our digital world, the appreciation and joy created by writing a card for someone special are often overlooked. Make it even more memorable by writing on some beautiful cardstock or customized stationery.
  • Many couples are lucky to enjoy both parents. If one of your loved ones is passed on consider adding something special in their honor whether it be a photo, the dress on display, or a favorite food item served. The inclusion of a loved one departed may mean a lot to those remembering.