The Top Tips For Finding Your Caterer

Food is basically everyone’s universal love language, and creating a ridiculously delicious reception menu will leave your guests not only fueled to party into the night but full and happy–the perfect combination to creating the ultimate wedding reception experience.

Maybe you’ve dreamt of a southern-inspired menu at your wedding, or a late-night snack to knock the socks off your guests. But how does one do that? A little research, your own creative spin on the menu, and a great caterer are the top three essentials to making this menu magic happen. One of our favorite caterers Lee Kresy, owner of D’Lish Catering, shared with us his top tips for couples who want guests to keep talking about their wedding menu for years to come.

Research, Research, Research

Do your research! Chef Kresy says finding out the reputation of the company is extremely important. How do you research?

  • Ask vendors that you are working with about the company and what their experience has been with them.
  • Read reviews and talk with previous clients. They have the first-hand experience, so they know what they are talking about!
  • Talk with the company. Get to know them so you can see if you connect before you continue your search.

Find Your Match

Meeting with your potential caterer will help determine if they are a fit for you. This is also a time for your caterer to get to know you too!

  • Do you feel like they understand your vision?
  • Are you dreaming of a formal, plated dinner, and they only do family style?
  • Find out their signature style and see if it fits with yours.
  • If their vision matches yours, it sounds like you’ve found your perfect pairing, no pun intended!

Your Own Creative Spin

D’Lish loves to help couples plan out their perfect menu! This is a fun time for you and your fiance to let your creative juices flow and find a meal that suits your wedding style.

  • What type of food are you dreaming of serving?
  • Create a list of what’s important to you and share it with the chef. They can come up with creative ways to infuse flavors together, making an unforgettable meal.
  • Do you have visions of a casual family-style dinner or a formal dinner service?
  • Kresy likes to remind clients not to forget dietary restrictions. Plan ahead, and everyone will leave full and happy!

The Tasting

This is the fun part! Nothing sounds better than sitting down and figuring out just what you want to serve at your wedding by tasting all of it!

  • Your caterer will create a tasting for you, and this is your opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • This is the perfect time to narrow down your choices and get an idea of what your meal will look like.
  • Taste everything from appetizers to your main course, and you will have no surprises on your wedding day!

Selecting a caterer, and determining your menu sets the mood for your entire reception. Guests always leave not only talking about how gorgeous the bride was and what a great time they had, but there is ALWAYS talk about the food. So, why not find the best catering team and make it memorable?

D’Lish Catering is located in Kings Beach and is a full-service catering company in the Tahoe area. You can learn more about them on their Tahoe Unveiled vendor guide page.