The Three Essential Steps To Planning Your Wedding

There are three essential steps before any real planning can start for your wedding. You need to have these key pieces of information on hand before you call for help.

Step One:

Set a timetable. Don’t focus too much on specific dates, you don’t need to pop out May 15th as your perfect date. Focus on the big picture timeline: how long you think you’ll need to plan, what season are you thinking about, what holidays or family events you don’t want to conflict with. According to the Knot, the average engagement lasts 14.5 months.

Step Two:

What is your dream theme? Have you always wished for a woodsy, bohemian wedding or an intimate indoor wedding with a candle-lit aisle? Do you envision dancing the night away or relaxing with lawn games? Get your creativity moving with inspiration from wedding blogs, your favorite movies, or maybe even a great experience you and your beau have had together.

Step Three:

Set your wedding budget. Here’s the scariest part, but the most important. You can’t plan anything without knowing how much you can spend on it. Have a serious talk with your partner and your families about how much everyone can contribute. It’s awkward, but you can’t move forward without it!