The Tahoe Unveiled Guide To Finding Your Dream Wedding Band 

When planning your wedding there are so many decisions to be made: what will your dress look like, what type of food will you serve, and – very importantly – what kind of music will your guests dance the night away to? At Tahoe Unveiled, we love a good wedding band and, with the help of Tahoe Music Professionals, we have created a guide on how to pick the perfect wedding band.

Tahoe Music Professionals is a booking agent that boasts over 100 of the region’s best musicians. They range from jazz and funk to Motown, bluegrass, reggae, and more! We spoke with Ben Martin from Tahoe Music Professionals and he gave us his top tips on booking your dream band.

Define Your Musical Style

When booking a wedding band the couple needs to determine what type of music they want at their wedding. Whether for ceremony music or what type of dance party you want for your reception, defining the kind of music you love and what you want at your wedding is the first step.

See The Band’s Live!

Once you have narrowed your selections down, go and see the band play live! You can always get a good feel for the band via video and recordings, but seeing them live will give you a taste of what your wedding reception will feel like in person. Live music adds spirit to a wedding – which is what a wedding is all about! Venue size should be a top consideration; a large venue will require more musicians to fill the space and crank up the music.

The Playlist

It’s your wedding, so make sure the band plays what you want! Provide a list of favorite songs to the band early on in the process – don’t wait until just before the wedding! If there is a special song that you want played a certain way, talk to the band about versions and arrangements. Also… practice those dance moves so you and your love can hit the dancefloor during your favorite songs!

The Details

Your band’s contract is extremely important. Contracts for live music are generally very simple; make sure you have the date, time, and location correct and that you are hiring a reliable band. (Ask for references). Confirm with the band and then get ready to dance the night away!

Tahoe Music Professionals works strictly with bands that have a proven track record of talent, professionalism, and reliability. With over 100 musicians on their roster, they can provide a wide variety of styles including string quartets & classical guitar for the ceremony and funk, rock & jazz bands for the reception.

Now, go find those dancing shoes because you have the tips to make the your wedding the best night of your life!