The Perks of a Destination Wedding

A Lost Sierra destination wedding is a wonderful way to celebrate your special day.

Imagine having all of your close friends and family come together in a beautiful location, so that you can celebrate the lifelong commitment between you and your special someone. A destination wedding at Chalet View Lodge adds an element of excitement and fun for the bride and groom, as well as their guests.

Advantages to Having a Destination Wedding

So, what are the reasons why you might consider choosing a destination over one closer to home? Here are a few of the major perks.

#1. You can say your vows in a unique and beautiful setting – which will add magic and romance to your special day.

#2. Your wedding guests will be able to take part in exciting activities at your destination, from hiking to paddle boarding – making the experience more thrilling for them.

#3. You can combine your destination wedding with a honeymoon, so you can start relaxing as soon as you wake up the morning after.

#4. Destination weddings are usually smaller, so you will have much more one on one time with your guests. You can arrange for several fun events with them over the time they will be staying, such as brunches, cookouts, group tours and much more.

#5. All of the guests who choose to come will be in vacation mode, so they will be in the mood to celebrate and you can have an exciting, high energy gathering. They will be more relaxed, so they will be completely present and in the moment.

#6. Destination weddings can be great if you want to break from tradition and experience your wedding day your own way – outside of the pressures of choosing the same wedding/venue/dress/etc as your parents or relatives.

#7. If you have guests who are located all over the country or the world, you can choose a location that is ideally located so that it is convenient for everyone to travel to.

#8. Your guests can all eat and sleep at the same resort, so you have less to worry about.

#9. You will be able to take stunning wedding photos in a beautiful location – images that you will cherish forever.

#10. Many couples find that destination weddings cost less for design, because the setting itself is already so beautiful.

#11. Last but not least – destination weddings can be much easier to plan than weddings closer to home. When it comes to planning your wedding, you don’t have to worry about taking care of all of the details yourself. The wedding planning team at Chalet View Lodge can offer full service planning and take care of every detail of your special day. This means that you can simply relax and enjoy the day.

This is a guest post from Tahoe Unveiled vendor The Chalet View Lodge. Check out their vendor page to learn more about this stunning Lost Sierra wedding venue!


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