The Most Romantic Micro Wedding At The Ritz-Carlton In Northstar

We had to take a moment to pause and take in all the stunning details of Megan and Robbie’s recent wedding. From dreamy floral touches to elegant reception furniture, this is truly what micro wedding dreams are made of!

Little did Megan know she will find the love of her life at a bar shortly after moving back from Arizona. It was like a scene out of a movie. And we can totally picture it: Robbie and Megan were sitting at an outdoor patio at the same picnic table. Their eyes locked, and Robbie complimented Megan’s perfect Crest smile. The rest is, as they say, history.

The duo decided to marry at The Ritz in Northstar because Robbie grew up in Truckee and has an immense love for skiing. And what better place to combine your passions than the beautiful Ritz-Carlton located at the Ski Resort?

Megan wanted an elegant and timeless black and white look for her special day, and Sikora Events delivered just that. Sikora Events took Megan’s idea and designed the wedding around the anemone flower with that classic clean black-tie look. In addition, the anemone was incorporated into to bouquet and table numbers, and the result was nothing short of swoon-worthy.

According to Scott Sikora from Scott Sikora Photography, it was “the most romantic wedding” he has ever photographed. And we can see why: Literally, no stone was left unturned. Robbie’s dad passed a few years ago, so Robbie decided to wear his dad’s favorite Rolex watch for many years. His best man also snuck an old picture of Robbie and his dad into his suit pocket at the start of the day and revealed it in his best man speech which had everyone at the wedding in tears. Even though the photos are private, we are left with the most heartfelt images that will stick with us for years to come!

Thanks for showing us that love is in the details, Robbie and Megan. May you remember this special day forever, because we sure will!