The Linen-Less Look for Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

We are saying goodbye to linens and tablecloths and hello to natural tables. The beauty of a Lake Tahoe wedding, is the ability to go a little rustic with your decorations and go without tablecloths! We aren’t saying we hate all tablecloths, but we are really loving the more casual, simpler look of wooden tables.  

A common misconception is that you have to have tablecloths at your wedding to hide the terrible beaten up rental table that lies underneath. While this use to be true, these days rental companies have really stepped up their table game and there are plenty of high end beautiful tables that should not be hidden! A simpler look can also end up being more elegant. A lot of people make the mistake of going over the top with table decorations, but that can make your wedding look cluttered or chaotic. A simpler look is clean and a great way to direct attention elsewhere such as the beautiful natural background of Lake Tahoe and to you and your partner as a couple! This is also a way to go green with your wedding! Not having a massive amount of linens can cut back on your wedding carbon footprint, which we are all about up here in the mountains.

Whether you are after a casual look or a clean more elegant style, linen-less tables are the way to go! Easy and beautiful you won’t regret this wedding trend!


Wooden table with round plates Brittany Wood / Wooden indoor hall Sarah Murray Photography / eucalyptus leaves Jessie Schultz Photography / copper silverware with ducks Michelle Chiu Photography / Black tall candle sticks Sarah Falugo / White table runner The Curries