The Best Wedding Linens

In the wedding world, nothing dampens a designers day more than seeing an entire year’s worth of creating and designing a gorgeous celebration – all to fall onto “standard linens.” It just sort of makes your heart sink…or possibly even plummet to the ground. You spend months searching through magazines and working diligently with your florist to have show stopping floral arrangements throughout the entire wedding, and your published and the highly talented photographer doesn’t even use the word standard in his vocabulary; so why diminish your hard work by skimping on the linens?

Regardless of your budget, linens are CRUCIAL! They take drab to fab, weak to wow, and boring to fascinating. Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce you to La Tavola Fine Linens, your new BFF when designing your wedding! They are a fantastically creative linen company comprising of thousands of the most gorgeous linens your eyes will ever see! From kings drapes to table runners to seat cushions, they have it all…and in every color, texture, and fabric. So without further ado, take a little gander below to see their work in action!